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Boiler control made efficient
July 2017, IS & Ex

Boilers are a necessity in cooking, canning, sterilisation and many other industrial processes. However, they can be very dangerous. Most boilers are fitted with mechanical dampers and valve control. This means that an operator has to be in constant attendance. Ana-Digi Systems has developed a boiler control system that takes control of the boiler without constant human intervention. The ADS-BCS effectively controls the temperature with PID control and the chamber pressure is monitored via analog sensors.

This ensures that consistency is maintained by automatically applying the correct coal feed with damperless forced air for effective burning rates of the coal. Studies have shown that savings are achieved in coal and electricity consumption when implementing this system. Also, the risk of unnecessary damage to the boiler is dramatically reduced. The system is also able to generate reports on power consumption, coal usage, error reporting and the operation data needed to determine the efficiency and maintenance schedule for the boiler.

The automation system of choice for the ADS-BCS is LSIS’s XEC-SU PAC with the new LSMV-S100 VFD. It has proven its worth in very hot and dusty environments at operating temperatures of 50ºC and up to 90% humidity without condensation.

Although the systems are enclosed in a dust-free panel, the LSIS systems are conformal-coated and thus can handle dust. This cost-effective system has been installed throughout southern Africa and there has been a highly favourable response from end-users.

For more information contact Ana-Digi Systems, 086 132 3334,,

Supplied By: Ana-Digi Systems
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