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June 2017 Motion Control & Drives

The LSLV-iV5 series offers high precision vector control in all operational areas with precise speed control and is superb for crane, continuous lines or elevator system controls. It is also easily adapted to corrugated paper mills, metal processing, winders and most other applications.

For winding applications there are various options including inside/outside winding and splicing. Speed and positioning using SIN/COS encoder option with expansion I/O, elevator dedicated I/O and synchronous motor control capacities.

Standstill auto-tuning allows for auto-tuning to be performed even with the motor shaft directly connected to the load. This is especially useful in lift applications as it does not require releasing the mechanical brake when integrating the motor with the drive. Rotational auto-tuning is available where motor shafts are free from an application. This is the norm for the entire LSIS range of drives.

Draw, droop and process PID control is provided for precise tension control, linear velocity control, temperature and pressure control and load balancing. Internal brake control and antiroll back can be applied in addition to mechanical braking where risk of dropping a load would be a concern, such as in elevators and cranes.

What makes the iV5 particularly attractive to the South African industry is that it caters not only for 380-480 VAC up to 800 kW but also from 540-680 VDC up to 500 kW. Just on elevators, more than 800 iV5 have been sold in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Sky Trains at Sun City have the iV5 DC drives installed in synchronous mode.

For medium voltage applications the drive of choice would be the LSMV-M1000, which has a voltage range from 3,3-13,8 kV. When it comes to drives, LSIS has developed a range that is able to provide effective motor control from 200 VAC to 13,8 kV, making this range one of the most comprehensive to date.

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