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Magnet extends VSD range
March 2017, Motion Control & Drives

Magnet has extended its range of Schneider energy management and automation systems to include new Altivar ATV320 variable speed drives (VDSD). This system, which improves a machine’s performance in diverse applications, has also been developed to optimise design and engineering costs for original equipment manufacturers.

“Schneider’s recently launched Altivar machine range of variable speed drives, with simple plug and play commissioning, meet the application requirements for 3-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors from 0,18 to 15 kW,” says Shalendra Barath, Magnet’s Schneider product specialist. “The Altivar ATV320 drive, which combines safety, reliability and simplicity, is used for building more effective machines, with greater reliability, at optimised costs. These drives provide continuous machine operation, even in harsh environments with elevated ambient temperature levels, dust, electrical interruptions and mechanical disturbances.

“Schneider drives also maximise machine operating time because production changes, maintenance, safety diagnostics, network configuration and system integration are accomplished quickly.”

Designed for easy integration

Altivar ATV320 devices meet various machine throughput requirements, including open loop motor control, with dynamic accuracy for start/stop applications and torque sensitive operations, even at low speed. Closed loop motor control is offered for applications requiring velocity sensitive operation or precise positioning. This system offers advanced connectivity with automation architecture via all common fieldbuses, even in real time, with fast task cycle times.

The Altivar range, which has been designed for easy integration with various machine layouts, reduces total machine costs during installation and through the life cycle of the machine. For simplified installation, book and compact form factors reduce the machine footprint and allow efficient space usage, whether the machine is mounted in a frame or installed in an electrical cabinet.

Fewer additional devices are needed to manage the machine safely and repeated sequential movements are managed internally within the drive.

Printed circuit boards are class 3C3 coated in accordance with IEC 61721-3-3 to protect against corrosion in harsh environments. The drive maintains a thermal state allowing uninterrupted operation with ambient temperatures up to 60ºC.

These VSDs have integrated safety features, including a safe stop and speed control, as well as a guard door locking device.

Magnet supports the Altivar ATV320 range with a technical advisory and installation service throughout southern Africa. This system is suitable for applications in materials handling, packaging, textile industry, mechanical actuators and hoisting.

For more information contact Shalendra Barath, Magnet, +27 (0)31 274 1050,,

Supplied By: Magnet
Tel: +27 31 274 1050
Fax: +27 31 205 4602
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