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December 2016 Temperature Measurement

Not all food processes are equal. Each process has its own challenges in terms of space, duration and environment, i.e. steam or submersion in water or oil and it is the risks to public health that place the food processing industry firmly in the public spotlight. The effects of getting the cooking and freezing processes wrong can be disastrous for a business, as well as for its customers.

The Datapaq Food Tracker System comprises the Insight software, data-logger and a selection of protective thermal barriers and thermocouples, which offer an accurate and reliable means of measuring product and environmental temperatures: an essential requirement for HACCP data analysis and regulations and process validation.

The food industry is subject to very tight controls and a decrease of only one or two degrees can significantly affect product quality. The Food Tracker System can include enhancements, such as humidity measurement, food tray and thermocouple jig, as well as the TM21 radio telemetry system for real-time temperature monitoring. The most frequent food processing applications for Datapaq temperature profiling systems include:

• Poultry processing.

• Meat processing.

• Seafood processing.

• Baking.

• Pasteurisation and sterilisation.

Poultry processing

Datapaq systems are used in cooking, chilling and freezing chicken and poultry products, including whole birds or portions used in ready-to-eat meals, in the following applications:

• Roasting/baking/steaming in stationary or rotating batch ovens, linear mesh belt conveyor ovens and spiral ovens.

• Deep fat frying of small portion poultry products, such as chicken nuggets.

Meat processing

Datapaq thermal profiling systems can be used in salami, bologna, sausage and ham processing for cooking, curing, smoking and chilling ready to eat meat products.

• Large batch smoke houses with either forced convection or brine chilling.

• Roasting/baking/steaming in stationary or rotating ovens.

• Steam cooking in batch submersible water bath.

Food Tracker Systems can also safely profile beef processing in cooking, chilling and freezing of whole joint, portion or processed products from hamburger patties to carcass pasteurisation.

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