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Legrand’s modular power distribution enclosures IEC ­certified

October 2015 Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Legrand’s range of XL³ modular power distribution enclosures complies with international IEC 61439 standards that have replaced the previous edition of IEC 60439.

“The certification of enclosures is defined by IEC 61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 for power switchgear and controlgear assemblies. This accreditation formulates the definitions, operating conditions, structural provisions, technical characteristics and tests for low voltage wiring accessory assemblies,” explains Marc Naidoo, projects and technical co-ordinator, Legrand SA.

“Modifications to these IEC standards encompass three different, but equivalent types for verifying requirements. These are verification by a test, verification by calculation or measurement, or verification by satisfying design rules. Unlike IEC 60439-1, conformity cannot be established simply on the basis of the general rules of the standard. Assemblies must comply with the specific standards dedicated to them. Compliance with standard IEC 61439-2 also enables the CE mark to be attached, if required.”

There are 13 standard tests for the certification of pre-equipped enclosures, which are an additional guarantee of safe operation. Legrand is also committed to carrying out 10 type tests, Characteristics that need to be checked include resistance of materials and parts, temperature rise, degree of protection (IP), dielectric properties and short circuit resistance, as well as electric shock protection and integrity of the protective circuit. Clearances and creepage distances, mechanical operation and electromagnetic compatibility are also important.

Standards IEC 61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 also require final checks on all wired assemblies. These checks certify that the essential characteristics linked to safety are fully complied with.

Legrand’s XL³ cabinets and enclosures – for sites between 160 A and 6300 A – provide solutions adapted to meet exact site power distribution needs in industrial, commercial and residential environments. Most importantly, these units comply with every part of the standard IEC 61439 to guarantee reliability and total protection of the installation.

Each model in this range includes a selection of sizes, versions and equipment. XL³ enclosures are enhanced by Legrand devices for optimum protection and efficient distribution. These devices include DMX³ air circuit breakers, MCCB’s, DX³ DIN rail mounting circuit breakers, busbars and modular distribution blocks.

XL³ metallic or plastic enclosures, with index protection ratings between IP30 and IP55, have a short circuit resistance from 20 kA to 110 kA.

This flexible power distribution system, which can be adapted at any time, includes either standard or optimised distribution. Standard distribution allows the user to choose busbars and their supports, with a personal configuration for efficient power distribution.

The optimised distribution system, which ensures freedom of assembly, eliminates the need to create special connections upstream and ensures time savings during installation by being able to connect appliances on pre-equipped units.

Also available to optimise the design, is user-friendly XL Pro panel design software, incorporating XL Pro Calculator software, which automatically calculates the total power consumption, required protection devices and cable selection for the circuit, as well as cascading and discrimination solutions.


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