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Sitrans LUT400 ultra-accurate ultrasonic level controller
September 2012, Level Measurement & Control

Siemens has introduced the Sitrans LUT400 series ultrasonic level controllers. Compact, single point controllers that excel at continuous level monitoring and control in liquid, solid, or slurry applications in a wide range of industries, three models make up the series:

* Sitrans LUT420 level controller.

* Sitrans LUT430 level, pump and flow controller.

* Sitrans LUT440 high accuracy open channel monitor (OCM), which also provides a full suite of advanced level, volume and pump controls.

These controllers are a flexible solution for a wide range of applications including water/wastewater monitoring and pumping, inventory management, crusher control, truck load-outs and anything in between. High accuracy keeps operations in all of these applications cost-effective: inventory monitoring is always precise, processes can be better controlled and expensive spill cleanups can be avoided.

A reliable ultrasonic level controller reduces the need to send operators to the application for maintenance. By keeping workers out of hazardous situations altogether, users can reduce the chance of accidents and the resultant consequences. The series features Siemens’ patented ‘Sonic Intelligence’, which continuously evaluates and adjusts for noise level and changing process conditions. The controllers have three relays combined with a suite of pump, alarm, and other control features.

All three models are compatible with the full line of Siemens Echomax transducers. These transducers feature self-cleaning faces and submergence detection with an operating range of 0,3 to 60 metres, making them ideal for a wide range of industries.

Easy to use – a local user interface with four-button programming, menu-driven parameters, and wizard support guides application and set-up.

Consistently high performance – patented digital receiver technology ensures reliability even in the harshest environments.

* Integrated data-logger – records historic performance and alarm events,

* Communications convenience – HART communications with access via the local user interface.

* Enhanced diagnostics – echo profile and trend view on the display.

* Installation simplicity – wall, pipe, and DIN rail mounting configurations with ¼-turn fasteners for quick access and hassle-free wiring with removable terminal strips.

For more information contact Keshin Govender, Siemens Southern Africa, +27 (0)11 652 2412,,

Supplied By: Siemens Digital Factory & Process Ind. & Drives
Tel: +27 11 652 2000
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