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Megatrends shaping the auto industry

November 2023 Editor's Choice IT in Manufacturing

The automotive industry is in the midst of a technology-driven revolution that will not only advance the safety and sustainability of transportation, but also transform how consumers interact with their vehicles and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands behind them. Over the course of the next 10 years, the simultaneous rollout of three major automotive technology trends – autonomous driving, electrification and software-defined vehicles (SDVs) – will combine to deliver new mobility applications and in-cabin experiences, far beyond what has been possible to date.

Delivering on these three megatrends represents a significant challenge, requiring automakers to invest in a host of new enabling technologies, ranging from high-performance compute to ultra-reliable connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI), with most of these new enabling technologies requiring expertise that resides further away from the conventional, mechanical engineering automotive skillset.

This whitepaper takes a look at each of these megatrends from three key aspects: current advantages, the enabling technologies required, and the applications involved in reshaping the automotive industry.

To find out more download the whitepaper from www.instrumentation.co.za/ex/abi_auto_trends.pdf

For more information contact ABI Research, +1 516 624 2500, amanda@abiresearch.com, www.abiresearch.com

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