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Powering the Perforex machine

August 2023 Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Following its acquisition of a BC 1007 HS Perforex machine (one of only two in the country), Rittal South Africa has partnered with Rubicon Group to secure a backup power solution that will ensure the machine’s uninterrupted operation.

The Perforex machine offers fully automated, high-speed precision machining of mounting plates, doors and side panels for customisation of enclosures. With the Perforex machine, Rittal delivers not only precision-finished enclosures, but also spares customers the added costs and time delays normally associated with customisation.

“We’re proud of our 20 year partnership with Rubicon Group. The backup solar power solution that they installed affords us enhanced resilience and enables us to continue to offer customers the exceptional service and prompt delivery they’ve come to expect,” says Adrian Buddingh, Rittal South Africa’s managing director.

A futureproof solution

Rittal consulted Rubicon Group for a backup power solution for its headquarters in Johannesburg to ensure the smooth operation of the new Perforex machine. A Rubicon analytics engineer assisted with product selection, ensuring that Rittal’s expectations were met. “The system has a hybrid inverter with lithium batteries to support essential loads. It also comes solar ready for future development of the system,” explains Rubicon director of new business, Dylan Schnetler. This is a 12 kW, three-phase inverter with three 6 Ah batteries for backup and 25 solar panels of 500 W each.

A formidable partnership

Rittal has partnered with Rubicon Group based on its strengths as a distribution partner, including its national footprint and the company’s understanding of the market demand for high-quality enclosure solutions. In addition, Rubicon has a dual focus on energy technology and industrial technology.

In the early days of the company’s partnership with Rittal, Rubicon focused on enclosure solution sales by building close relationships with clients and maintaining regional stock levels. Over the years this has evolved, and Rubicon has established service centres in the different regions, in partnership with Rittal.

“Rittal has become a pillar within the Rubicon portfolio, and we are proud of our partnership. Rittal has exceptional leadership in South Africa, and this has helped both companies to maintain growth together,” adds Schnetler. “We look forward to Rittal’s continued collaboration with Rubicon Group. Their expertise, smart solutions and commitment to quality are in line with Rittal’s philosophy and vision,” concludes Buddingh.


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