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New addition to the Times-7 A5020 antenna range

May 2022 Industrial Wireless

The Times-7 A5020 range of UHF RFID antennas was recently expanded with the addition of a mid-range and a linear extreme antenna. This means that customers looking for a rugged antenna can now choose between a near-field, circularly polarised, mid-range or linear extreme antenna.

Stef du Plessis, managing director of local distributor Osiris Technical Systems, explains: “These antennas may be used in customer-facing indoor and outdoor applications because they are designed to be slim and unobtrusive, while also being robust with high ingress protection for dirty and wet environments. They are slim, making them easy to transport and easy to mount using standard VESA mounts.”

Each of the antennas has been designed with specific applications in mind.

Near-field antenna

With a range of only 10 cm, the A5020 NF antenna is best used for reading signals that come into direct contact with the antenna. Examples include recording the use of a high-value tool or precision instrument, or scanning proprietary UHF badges.

Mid-range antenna

The lower-gain RF radiation of the A5020 MR antenna can be confined to a smaller zone while operating at low power. The antenna has a 1,5 m range and is best suited for kiosks, self-checkout or POS applications where a confined read zone is a key requirement.

Circular polarised antenna

The A5020 CP is a rugged antenna which is well suited for asset tracking and encoding RFID tags. This antenna’s typical read range distance of 4 m allows manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to track their inventory throughout the supply chain. The A5020 is IP68 rated and is, therefore, suitable for permanent outdoor installations.

Linear extreme antenna

The A5020 LX is designed for extreme environments and can operate at temperatures as low as -90°C. The slim design of this antenna allows it to take up minimal space in refrigeration units, and its casing can handle general cleaning agents or high-pressure water cleaning. It is therefore well suited for operating in areas which include hospitals, laboratories, research industries and food processing.

For more information contact Osiris Technical Systems, +27 12 346 0249,,


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