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Match & Tag for high accuracy in paired chain

May 2022 Motion Control & Drives

Modern machinery often requires chains of precisely the same length to be used in pairs or other multiples. For these applications, BMG specialists recommend Tsubaki Match & Tag chains, which guarantee a maximum chain length difference of 0,50 mm, independent of the total chain length. Advanced Tsubaki chain length measurement technology ensures smooth, accurate and reliable machine actuation. Although industry standards relating to the manufacture of chain components set a tolerance for the accuracy of length, regulations do not cover the assembly of components into complete chains. This means there is a possibility that a significant error will accumulate if a chain length includes several links that are only just within tolerance.

“To alleviate these problems, Tsubaki pre-stretched chains are supplied by BMG in matched-length pairs, that are tagged for easy identification and accurate installation. The Match & Tag service guarantees that paired chains are the same length to within a tolerance of 0,50 mm, by measuring and matching each individual component of the chain. For high accuracy, Tsubaki sets tight tolerances on the physical dimensions of each chain part. After assembly of a complete chain length, the Match & Tag process begins by accurately checking the length. Subsequently, the chain lengths are matched and tagged together into pairs − or larger groups if required. As a result, these chains offer higher productivity, smoother operation, a cleaner manufacturing environment, minimal downtime and extended service life. Typical applications for Match & Tag chains include packaging machines and lifting functions.

For more information contact Gavin Kirstein, BMG, +27 11 620 7547,,


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