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Versatile handheld indoor air quality meters

June 2022 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Across many industries, CO2 leaks in equipment can cause mechanical damage or wear and tear that impacts the safety of employees, the air quality and the manufacturing processes involved, for example in the food, beverage and refrigeration industries.

Two new, versatile CO2 mobile indoor air quality monitoring instruments from Greisinger offer a notably large measuring range of up to 2000 ppm for the G1910-02 model and 19 999 ppm for the G 1910-20. Both devices are easy to handle and compact in design, and can be charged easily with a mobile phone cord.

“These recently launched handheld measuring devices offer an advanced, ergonomic design enabling them to fit perfectly into one’s hand, which means they can be utilised anywhere. They offer precision and accuracy and are two of the most cost-effective portable devices available,” said Jan Grobler, managing director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa.

Suited to applications such as educational facilities, open-plan offices, breweries, wine presses, taprooms, dispensaries, HVAC operations and greenhouses, the instruments are durable and offer high measuring accuracy across all practical applications.

The measurement takes place with an optical NDIR measuring process at the air opening on the upper side of the device. The display is a time-weighted average (TWA) over 8 hours or 15 minutes, and these can be read simultaneously. The instrumentation has in-built alarm activations.

Compact and easy to use, the devices’ standard Micro-USB connection enables them to be charged at any socket without the need for a special mains adaptor. The long-lasting rechargeable battery gives the user uninterrupted measurements for up to 24 hours.

“CO2 is dangerous at a concentration above 3%,” said Grobler. “These portable indoor air monitoring instruments are ideal for warnings of moderate but non-dangerous levels. They offer an impressive price/performance ratio and high durability. The bonus of having a calibration connection lets the customer recalibrate the device themselves, therefore eliminating the need for devices to be removed from their place of operation for recalibration purposes.”


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