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Festo campaign highlights process automation solutions

February 2022 Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Festo South Africa is taking its customers on a journey to higher productivity from process, to electric, to pneumatic automation. Its recently launched campaign, ‘Heart of Absolute Automation 2.0’, which focuses on the company’s process automation solutions, pilots this journey. Through this campaign, Festo will meet the industry’s growing demand for increased productivity, reduced manual tasks and simplified production.

The first leg of the campaign creates an analogy between the human heart and Festo’s process automation (PA) solutions. The heart is at the centre of the vascular system, which is a network of blood vessels that deliver nutrient-rich blood to the brain, lungs and every part of the human body. In industry, the heart can be equated to a pump in a company’s plant, as it ensures the adequate distribution of fluids, solids and powdery media in machines.

Sturdy and reliable enablers of flow

In every process automation application, pressure, temperature and flow are required to be precisely regulated, as with the human body’s vascular system. Festo offers actuators that are suitable for controlling the flow of media and regulating ball valves, air dampers as well as butterfly valves.

These actuators are tailored specifically to meet the process industry’s requirements in terms of force, corrosion resistance and standardised interfaces. They conform to the ISO 5211 standard, which defines the interface between the quarter-turn actuator, process valve and NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845.

Their sturdy, corrosion-resistant design is ideal for use in harsh and explosive ambient conditions. They are also suitable for water/wastewater, beverage, pharmaceutical and general process automation applications.

Valves that keep media moving

The human body consists of valves that ensure that blood and oxygen are flowing in the right direction. Festo valves, such as the Angle Seat Valve VZXA and Pinch Valve VZQA, ensure the same smooth flow of media in the plant as in the human body. Furthermore, they determine the dynamic response and withstand high dynamic forces.

The valves are sturdy, durable and reliable, just like healthy valves in anatomy. Festo has always been committed to high quality standards, and supplies valves with up to 100 million switching cycles. These valves can be used in all industry segments, typically the food and packaging industry, automotive electronics and others.

Configurator tools to create your flow

The Festo configurator tool for process valves makes selecting the right solution easy and less time-consuming. A task that used to take a few hours now takes minutes to complete. This configurator tool has made finding, selecting, sizing and ordering the ideal Ball Valve Unit KVZB or Butterfly Valve Unit KVZA simple with just a few clicks. These valve units control the fluids across a wide range of temperatures and pressures. In the human body, they can be compared to arteries that ensure healthy blood is distributed to the body tissues.

Festo aims to aid its process automation customers to thrive even during unpredictable periods, by continually analysing the value-creation chain and communicating with its customers to understand their needs. This is why the company’s process automation campaign products cater for all the individual levels of the automation pyramid, from the operating level to the field level.

For more information contact Festo South Africa, 08600 FESTO (33786),,


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