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Differential pressure transmitter with scalable measuring range

January 2022 Pressure Measurement & Control

The Halstrup Walcher P 26 differential pressure transmitter is designed for pressure monitoring applications in cleanrooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants and operating theatres, as well as for special uses in machine and plant construction. In addition to measuring the differential pressure, the instrument also records positive and negative overpressures as well as flow rates or volumetric flows.

The measuring range is scalable in the range from 10-100%. Two optional contact points allow the user to connect visual or audible alarms that are triggered any time values rise above, or fall below, specified limits. The transmitter can be configured easily via USB interface (optional) and software. This can also be performed using a keypad and display (optional). The measured values can be displayed in all standard units. A selectable time constant allows the transmitter to be adjusted perfectly to the pressure conditions and thus ensures a stable output signal. The P 26 can be mounted either on a wall or on top-hat rails. Available with a factory calibration certificate or calibration certificate according to DKD-R 6-1 (optional). Other features include:

High level of accuracy and long-term stability through automatic zero-point calibration. Multi-coloured display with keypad for easy configuration.

• Multilingual menu (English/German/Italian/French).

• Integrated power adapter for 115/230 VAC supply.

• Silicon-free materials for parts in contact with medium.

• Output signal can be configured 0-10 V, 0/4-20 mA or ±5 V.

• High level of overpressure protection even in the smallest measuring ranges.


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