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Compact ultrasonic flow controller

November 2021 Flow Measurement & Control

Bronkhorst’s new, compact ES-Flow ultrasonic flowmeter/controller series ES-113C was designed for the OEM market to measure or dose low volume flows with high precision, high linearity and low pressure drop. Liquid flows from two up to 1500 ml/min can be measured using ultrasound in a small-bore tube. This technology is independent of fluid density, temperature and viscosity. The instrument, therefore, does not require recalibration when switching fluids. Thanks to the combination of a straight sensor tube with zero dead volume and transducers positioned at the outer surface, the flow meter is self-draining and easy to clean. Wetted parts are made of stainless steel, the exterior design is rated to IP66/IP67. The on-board PID controller can be used to drive a control valve or pump. This enables users to establish a complete, compact control loop. Moreover, the instrument features various fieldbus options, customisable I/O functions and temperature as secondary output.

Typical applications for the new low-flow liquid flow meters and controllers can be found in food, beverage and pharmaceutical production, medical, chemical and many other markets that require precision fluid handling in a variety of industries, for instance, fuel consumption measurement and dosing of colourants or lubricants.

Mecosa is the sole agent for Bronkhorst in southern Africa.


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