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Type 2 push-in surge protection

October 2021 Electrical Power & Protection

The VAL-MS PT surge protective device from Phoenix Contact is its first type 2 protective device with push-in connection technology. It is available for the globally widespread voltage level of 230/400 V AC and is therefore particularly well-suited for protecting power distribution in sub-reticulation systems.

If the distance between the upstream surge protection and the components to be protected is greater than 10 metres, the IEC standard 60364-5-53 recommends additional surge protection. It is now significantly easier to realise this recommendation by installing the VAL-MS PT surge protective device, which is available both with and without remote indication contact.

Push-in connections enable fast installation and uniform connection technology in the entire control cabinet. Testing the recommended nominal tightening torque is a thing of the past. The protective device features two terminal points per position, enabling user-friendly through-wiring of the feed-in lines. This also saves additional installation material. Both flexible and rigid conductors up to a maximum cross-section of 10 square millimetres can be connected. A voltage test can be performed directly on the test point on each position. The protective device also features an optical status indicator integrated into the plug that displays the operational readiness of the product to the user.


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