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DEK wireless kit

October 2021 Industrial Wireless

The standalone DEK wireless kit from Turck Banner includes everything needed for a remote preventive maintenance monitoring solution, thus removing complexity and making installation quick and easy. The end-to-end kit contains a gateway controller, software, connectors, solar panel, battery backup, wireless transceiver, weatherproof enclosure, pre-paid access to cloud software tools for 90 days and embedded cellular connectivity that can be activated in minutes through a self-service portal. Just decide which assets you want to monitor and add sensors as desired. Turck Banner application engineers are available to give you advice and direction to set up a new system.

Reduce complexity, risk and worry

Asset managers will appreciate that installation may be done without a consultant, with minimal controller programming and without a steep learning curve. Unlike some other solutions, the controller can be loaded with a variety of freely available configuration files from Turck Banner’s website library to get users up and running quickly. Asset managers do not need to struggle with the installation and they can be confident the system has been set up correctly. Furthermore, buying a packaged solution reduces start-up costs as well.

Complete solution for remote monitoring

The DEK wireless monitoring kit is ideal for solitary, self-sustained monitoring of critical assets, where there is no power or Ethernet. It features solar power charging of the on-board battery, factory-enabled cellular connection and wireless communication of sensor data to the controller, which in turn uploads it to the cloud. The packaged solution frees managers from sending technicians to the field to make manual measurements and observations. In addition, all equipment is protected by weather-proof enclosures designed for any environment.


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