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Electronic transformers for special requirements

October 2021 Electrical Power & Protection

The Jumo IPC 300 electronic transformer, with amplitude control in the performance range of up to 40 kW, was developed for the control of heating loads that previously required an additional transformer for power control.

With the integrated amplitude control, the mains current and voltage of the Jumo IPC 300 are proportional to the required power of the heating element. The acquisition of additional compensation equipment is therefore no longer necessary. In addition, the power converter reduces malfunctions such as flicker or harmonics, which contributes to higher plant availability. Consistent energy demand decreases reactive power and reduces current peaks. In this way, energy costs are reduced.

The integrated resistance limitation protects against overheating in the upper temperature range and extends the service life of molybdenum disilicate heating elements. Low maintenance requirements combined with longer operating times reduce the operating costs.

An external current sensor monitors residual currents and detects housing shorts in the heating elements. Heating elements with large temperature coefficients change their heat output very strongly relative to their operating temperature. The power controller of the IPC 300 detects this and compensates for the error.

Other advantages of the IPC 300 include easy operation, configuration and start-up. The compact device has a plain text display and keypad. By using the USB interface, parameters can be easily transferred via the setup program. A voltage supply is not required. As a result, the transformer is the right solution for applications in mechanical and plant engineering, the process industry and furnace construction.


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