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September 2021 Pressure Measurement & Control

The special challenges faced by the food and pharmaceutical industries result from the wide diversity of their processes. Success depends on the consistency and continuity of the production processes – whether it be mixing, filling, evaporating or CIP and SIP cleaning.

With this in mind, VEGA has completed its measurement technology portfolio for hygiene-sensitive processes with two new compact instrument series comprising pressure sensors and level switches. The product families Vegabar and Vegapoint prove that automation can be simple yet highly efficient without compromising on dependability, hygiene, or accuracy. These measuring instruments are tailored to standard applications that do not tolerate compromises when it comes to quality. The standardised hygienic adapter system provides flexibility and helps keep installation work and parts inventory at reasonable levels. The process fittings can be selected as needed and adapted to local requirements.

Ready for cleaning

All surfaces that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel and have optimal roughness values. All materials are approved and tested according to FDA and EC 1935/2004, as confirmed by independent laboratories and institutes. The designs of the instruments are certified according to the European EHEDG guidelines and the North American 3-A Sanitary Standards.

Vega sensors reliably withstand the complex CIP and SIP processes and ensure in every process step that all required media are continuously available in sufficient quantities.

Thanks to the all-round switching status display, all switching states can be visually discerned from any direction. The colour of the illuminated ring, which can be freely selected from over 256 colours, remains clearly visible even in daylight. The plant operator can see at a glance if the measuring process is running, if the sensor is switching or if there is a possible malfunction in the process.


There is a lot of sensor intelligence built right into the new compact series: The standard IO-Link protocol ensures universal and at the same time, simple communication. This means that the instruments have a standardised communication platform that enables seamless data transfer and simple integration of the system. With this tool, sensors can be installed, parameterised and if necessary, put back into operation faster and more cost-effectively. IO-Link transfers parameters automatically if an instrument must be exchanged.

The new Vegabar and Vegapoint instrument series can be easily read and configured via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet. Radio technology is making processes more flexible. Wireless communication provides better accessibility as it allows data display and diagnostics from up to 25 metres, thus saving time and avoiding potential danger. Especially in environments such as clean rooms, where physical access involves a lot of effort, setup and operation become considerably easier.

Combination as required

Vegabar pressure sensors with switching function are available in three versions: the compact series 10 and the series 20 and 30, each with or without a display. The instruments are available with either a metallic or a ceramic measuring cell.

Vegapoint sensors for point level detection are also available in three versions, two of them (10 and 20) are designed for liquids with a water content of at least 10%, the third (30) can also be used for bulk solids.

The new pressure sensors and level switches represent an important milestone for VEGA. Users not only get an entire range of level and pressure measurement technology from a single source, but also hygiene-optimised instrument designs that are extremely easy to install, along with a needs-based combination of reliability and flexibility in food and pharmaceutical processes.


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