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Turck standardises its fluid portfolio

September 2020 Flow Measurement & Control

Turck has developed a platform concept for its fluid sensor product portfolio. The devices offer a wide range of variants and combinations, while having common key features at the same time. The compact FS+ flow sensor with IO-Link now follows the market launch of the PS+ pressure sensor. This monitors flow as well as temperature and features practical Teach functions.

The devices don’t just have a similar appearance or carry the plus sign in their name. In future, Turck will be putting its entire fluid portfolio on a standard technology platform. Sensor users will therefore find many of the same product features and the standard handling concept in the entire series. The modular and freely configurable mechanical concept, shorter delivery times and easier stock management are additional benefits.

The sensor head is the characteristic feature of the compact sensors. This consists of a stainless steel housing and a single-piece translucent front cap. Thanks to the reduced sealing area, humidity and dust cannot penetrate inside the devices, while UV and salt spray-resistant materials offer special protection in outdoor applications. The sealing concept enables protection types IP6K6K, IP6K7 as well as IP6K9K, since the sensors no longer have any mechanical operating elements. Instead, users navigate functions like on a smartphone via wear-free, capacitive touchpads.

One sensor for two queries

The new FS+ incorporates a proven technical design. It monitors fluid media according to the calorimetric principle and therefore offers the possibility to constantly measure the media temperature as well as the flow rate. This means that a single sensor can handle two tasks at the same time. Typical application fields include for, example, cooling circuits in welding applications or cleaning processes, in which the process sequence is controlled.

In the FS100 product series, users first have the choice between two different output functions: Either analog (4-20 mA) or as a transistor with automatic PNP/NPN detection and communication via IO-Link. The switching behaviour can be set between normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC). LED indication that is visible from all sides indicates the state of the outputs, while a bicolour LED strip on the user interface indicates either flow or temperature values.

The FS+ is likewise easy to mount and operate. The probe tip can be aligned as required in the medium and the sensor will operate within its specifications. Irrespective of this, the sensor housing can also be rotated around 340 degrees to align the display and electrical connection to convenient positions.

Setting reference values with Quick Teach

The FS+ offers some practical handling features such as a lock mechanism or the ability to reset the sensor to the previous settings (Undo function), as well as to the factory settings. Two modes are provided for teaching switch points: The Quick Teach function enables users to define a reference flow rate in only a few minutes and set the monitoring of deviations directly on the sensor. Alternatively, maximum and minimum values can also be defined in the application. The innovative Delta Flow monitoring function, which only activates all teach functions if a constant flow has been reached, provides significant assistance. The internal compensation function means changes in media temperature have no effect on the flow measurement.


The fluid sensor portfolio will expand even further in future. Based on the platform concept, compact sensors for temperature and level measurement will follow in the generation of plus sensors – easy to integrate, robust and with a functional design.


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