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Flexim perfects the steam flowmeter

June 2020 Flow Measurement & Control

Flexim is proud to announce the manufacture of a robust, user-friendly and industry-certified ultrasonic steam flowmeter solution. For this accomplishment, the company has been nominated for the 2020 Flow Control Innovation Award.

“This is huge news in the ultrasonic flowmeter industry. Manufacturers in the industry have been trying to get this technology right for the last 20 years,” explains Robert Howes, head of automation and process control at Actum Group. “Flexim has now perfected it and been the first to release it. If this were the space race, then Flexim would have been the first to land on the moon, that’s how significant this achievement is for us.

“Steam is expensive and up until recently, industries using it have had to do a lot of guesswork to determine steam energy usage and flow. Older propeller-type methods don’t take density or other critical factors into account and the technology simply isn’t reliable. We are thrilled to offer our customers and the public a reliable, accurate, in-line and in-process steam flow measurement solution.”

The Fluxus ST-range of steam flowmeters measures volume and mass flow of both saturated and superheated steam, at temperatures of up to 180°C. It measures flow non-intrusively with clamp-on ultrasound technology, which means installation is swift and easy and won’t affect operations or cause downtime. This meter is available in stationary and portable options.

The portable steam flowmeter (Fluxus G601 ST) is a multifunctional tool, ideal for maintenance and energy managers as it measures not only steam, but also liquids, gases, compressed air and heat. The Fluxus G721 ST fixed installation flowmeter can capture all steam usage, from very low to very high flow rates, with a single meter size. Furthermore, this product offers the same benefits as Flexim’s overall Fluxus range: highly accurate readings, non-invasive measurement, and no pressure loss, wear and tear, or maintenance required.


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