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Loop Signatures 1: Introduction to the Loop Problem Signatures series
May 2020, Editor's Choice

Over the years I have had many requests to write a book giving more detailed explanations of some of the problems I have encountered in my work on practical loop optimisation. I am by nature and inclination ...
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Loop signatures: Case History 173
August 2020, Editor's Choice

More control problems in a copper extraction plant.
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Loop Signatures 2: The two classes of processes.
July 2020, Editor's Choice

This article will discuss the two classes of processes called self-regulating and integrating (or ramping) processes. This subject is absolutely vital to regulatory control, but strangely is seldom taught ...
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Case History 172: Interesting controls in a copper extraction plant.
June 2020, Editor's Choice

In my 30 years devoted to optimising controls in industrial process plants in many countries, I thought that I had seen all the possible process dynamics that one would encounter. Imagine my surprise ...
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Case History 171: Instability in a metallurgical plant
March 2020, Editor's Choice

I have written several articles about the unique problems I have encountered, specifically in the mining processing industry. This article is about some experiences in a mining operation where recently ...
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Smart devices for Ex areas: Unbelievably simple mistakes that prevent control.
September 2019, Editor's Choice, Motion Control & Drives

I am often astounded by finding really basic problems with controls in plants, which have operated that way for years. These problems are so basic that one can only wonder at how these controls could ...
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Case History 167: Test your analytical capabilities
July 2019, Editor's Choice, Motion Control & Drives

Answer to the question at the end of Case History 166 (www.instrumentation.co.za/8690r) In the last Case History article, I suggested you try and see what was not so good about a level control, which ...
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Control loop question answered
June 2019, Editor's Choice

Control loop expert Michael Brown recently received a question from reader, Hansell Williams. The question relates to applying neural network and machine learning concepts to plant automation and control. ...
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Case History 166: Feel and understanding, or lack thereof
May 2019, Motion Control & Drives

I was present at a very interesting discussion the other day with people who are leaders in the automation and control industry. The subject was how jobs would disappear over the next decade or two as ...
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Case History 165: Interesting tests on loop problems show how much can be deduced from the results.
March 2019, Motion Control & Drives

I have published many articles showing problems in control loops with figures showing the tests conducted to determine the problems. This time, by way of a change, I would like to suggest that readers ...
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Case History 164: More on valves that do not control properly.
January 2019, Motion Control & Drives

I often publish articles showing valve problems. One of the reasons is that I do not think many people understand that valves are generally responsible for 75-80% of all control loop problems. When it ...
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Case History 163: Control limitations on mineral processing plants
November 2018, Motion Control & Drives

I was recently asked to conduct a control loop audit on a mineral extraction processing plant which was fairly old and had been acquired by new owners. A new and very modern control system had been installed ...
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