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Loop Signatures 1: Introduction to the Loop Problem Signatures series
May 2020, Editor's Choice

Over the years I have had many requests to write a book giving more detailed explanations of some of the problems I have encountered in my work on practical loop optimisation. I am by nature and inclination ...
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Case History 177 - Valves, valves, valves!
May 2021, Editor's Choice

75-85% of all industrial control loop problems are caused by valve issues.
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Loop Signatures 6: Final control elements – Part 2: characteristics.
April 2021, Editor's Choice

Feedback theory generally assumes that the process has a linear transfer function, which means that equal changes on the input will result in equal changes on the output.
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New online control loop optimisation and tuning service
April 2021, News

Michael Brown has introduced an online control loop optimisation and tuning consultation service designed to help plant engineers all over the world understand why their loops are not behaving the way ...
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Control Loop: Case History 176 The importance of programming PLC control modules correctly.
March 2021, Editor's Choice

Every time I work on a plant that is using a PLC and scada system for feedback control, I always first do a test on a controller module to ensure that the controllers have been configured correctly.
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Control Loop: Loop Signatures 5
February 2021, Editor's Choice

This article outlines some of the practical problems and rules of thumb relating to final control elements, which can affect control in the real world.
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Control loop: Case History 175 Oversized valve disrupts good control
January 2021, Editor's Choice

This article provides good insight into the dangers of using largely oversized valves, and into the importance of understanding practical control, and how your controllers work.
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Michael Brown now offering control courses to individuals
November 2020, News

Michael Brown is now offering training courses to individuals via online Zoom sessions. The first session of the Part 1 practical control course – Troubleshooting and Loop Tuning – will commence on Monday 1 February 2021.
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Loop Signatures 4: Process dynamics – deadtime and simple lags
November 2020, Editor's Choice

Two important dynamic factors occurring in the majority of process responses are deadtime, and the first order lag.
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Case History 174: The importance of setting up your controller properly
October 2020, Editor's Choice

It always amazes me that so few people really understand the workings of their feedback controllers. I have met only a few who really understand the practicalities of control blocks.
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Loop signatures: Case History 173
August 2020, Editor's Choice

More control problems in a copper extraction plant.
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Loop Signatures 2: The two classes of processes.
July 2020, Editor's Choice

This article will discuss the two classes of processes called self-regulating and integrating (or ramping) processes. This subject is absolutely vital to regulatory control, but strangely is seldom taught ...
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