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Asset reliability care field dominated by WearCheck
April 2024, Motion Control & Drives

Condition monitoring specialist, WearCheck has solidified its position as a leading player in the asset reliability care sector.
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WearCheck at Mining Indaba 2024
February 2024, News

Specialist condition monitoring company, WearCheck, showcased its range of mining-related predictive maintenance techniques, products and services at the 2024 Investing in Africa Mining Indaba.
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Lube tip: foaming is affected by oil level
January 2024, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

In a circulating system, it is crucial to check the oil level before introducing anti-foam agents to address a foaming problem.
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WearCheck extends its footprint to second India lab
October 2023, News

Condition monitoring specialist, WearCheck recently opened its doors to its second laboratory in India – this one in Durgapur. This follows the success of its Chennai-based laboratory, which has operated successfully since 2010.
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WearCheck expands its skilled workforce
October 2023, News

Condition monitoring specialist WearCheck provides a range of predictive maintenance services to help extend the life of industrial machinery. The company recently brought in additional talent to ensure that its growing customer base continues to enjoy outstanding service.
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Determining drinking water safety is essential
July 2023, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Condition monitoring specialist company, WearCheck, recently integrated its sister company – previously Set Point Water Laboratories, now WearCheck Water - into its operations, adding yet another analysis service to the company’s repertoire.
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WearCheck training courses boost investment into condition monitoring
April 2023, News

Over several decades, condition monitoring specialist company WearCheck has witnessed many clients gaining enhanced return on their investment into the company’s condition monitoring programmes, when the maintenance staff at the coalface undergo proper training.
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Assessing oxidation condition and lubricant refreshment in turbine oils
March 2023, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Turbines are critical components of power plants and heavy industries. They are extremely expensive equipment and must operate reliably. In the case of heavy industry, downstream operation fully depends on its power generation. In the case of power plants, downtime implies production loss and penalties for contract non-compliance.
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Brand new WearCheck laboratories
March 2023, News

WearCheck recently opened its newest laboratory in Kathu, the iron ore capital of the Northern Cape. This has reduced turnaround time for local samples to 24 hours or less.
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Quality counts at WearCheck
January 2023, News

WearCheck’s quality administrator, Prinda Narasi, is behind the company’s ongoing commitment to achieving and upholding major quality goals.
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WearCheck staffer becomes Africa’s first and only CAT IV instructor
November 2022, News

WearCheck is one of a select few certified Mobius training centres for Africa, and is now the only centre on the continent to boast a local instructor for the CAT IV course.
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Doctored diesel is dangerous
July 2022, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Small amounts of illuminating paraffin may not affect the properties of diesel enough for it to fail SABS specifications, so it can be present even if the fuel passes standard tests.
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