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A warped perspective of the future
January 2006, News

In trying to forecast what trends and breakthroughs we are likely to see in 2006, I, as a confirmed 'geek and gadget-freak', have come to the conclusion that previous inventors have set exceptionally ...
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Steady as she goes
December 2005, News

Over the last six years we saw the firming of the rand and the lowering of interest rates and our economy has now entered its seventh year of expansion. Residential property developments have been mushrooming, ...
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Birthdays, digital paper and a new book
November 2005, News

Twenty-one this year SA Instrumentation and Control has been around for 21 years, and there has been great excitement at Technews as we have been looking back to where we came from and where we are heading. ...
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SA I&C turns 21 years old
October 2005, News

SA Instrumentation & Control ( turns 21 years old this month. To date, SA I&C has produced approximately 252 issues (20 160 pages) that have been circulated to more than 5500 readers. ...
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Suppliers to watch out for fraudsters
September 2005, News

Early in August a colleague told me that one of our clients, Test and Measurement Instruments, had just been the victim of a sneaky fraud. So I called Joe Dos Santos to learn how these characters work. ...
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Competitive advantage through technology
August 2005, News

On a recent trip to 'rural' Italy, I stayed in a family-run hotel on the Amalfi Coast. I was pleasantly surprised that the 20-room hotel sported some of the best automation technologies available. To ...
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Keeping the ball rolling
July 2005, News

Unless you are reading a passed-along copy of SA Instrumentation & Control, some time in the near future you should be receiving a 'Circulation Reclassification Form'. It is important that this is filled ...
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Technews publications leading the way forward
June 2005, News

It seems that every time I write one of these columns, I am able to report on some new development of one of the magazines in the Technews stable. Last time it was regarding the launch of SA Instrumentation ...
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Why not just do it right in the first place?
May 2005, News

In response to our control loop special, reader Richard Compére believes that loop optimisation is often a case of too little, too late. He has observed increased divergence between the disciplines involved. ...
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Congratulations, Blackberries and Exhibitions
April 2005, News

Congratulations are in order for our sister publication, Motion Control in southern Africa, on the launch of the much-improved Motion Control Buyers' Guide (MCBG). Under the editorial guidance of SAI&C's ...
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Control loop bonanza issue
March 2005, News

If there is one thing that should have become quite clear to anybody reading this magazine over the last half-decade or so, it is that there is a general lack of `feel' for what happens in control loops ...
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Bhopal, 20 years on - could it happen here?
September 2004, News

December 2004 is the 20th anniversary of the Union Carbide ‘accident’ in Bhopal, India. A methyl isocyanate leak immediately killed 8000 people and subsequently more than 20 000 deaths and 500 000 injuries have been directly attributed to the disaster that has been described as ‘The Hiroshima of the chemical industry’. Following on from last week's tragic accident in Secunda, we ask, "Could this happen in South Africa?"
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