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Safe remote I/O interface system
January 2001, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

IS-RPI is a recent development in intrinsically safe process control. The Pepperl+Fuchs IS-RPI (intrinsically safe remote I/O system) can easily be adapted to new or existing remote I/O applications and ...
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PC-programmable universal-transmitter isolator
December 2000, Temperature Measurement

P&F says that all currently available temperature sensors can be connected to its KFD2-UT-Ext1 universal-transmitter isolator. The many different input signals are converted by this intelligent device into ...
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Vibrating level limit switch is an economical solution
June 2000, Level Measurement & Control

The Vibracon Namur limit switch has been specially developed for use with liquids in Ex areas. It is not sensitive to air bubbles or deposit build-up, regardless of whether it is used in turbulent liquids ...
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Proximity sensors that are well-suited for the food and beverage industry
May 2000, Sensors & Transducers

While traditional proximity sensors often make use of plastic housings, or metal foil construction, which while quite practical for many less demanding roles in industry, will often show a shorter working ...
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Intrinsic safety considerations
Feb 2000, IS & Ex

Causes of explosions Three conditions must be present for an explosion to take place: p Combustible material - gas, vapours, dust etc. p Oxygen. p Electrical or thermal energy - of sufficient value. Intrinsic ...
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