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Compressed air waste condensate management

July 2011 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Getting rid of polluted waste water by allowing it to flow down the drain is no longer legal nor is it environmentally acceptable, ISO ratings can be lost if improper dumping is detected. However, bulk oily liquid containment is messy, wastes space and increases operational costs as disposal is expensive per litre of waste water handled.

Legislation makes the CEO personally liable if pollutants are allowed into storm water drains or a natural water course. This pollution includes oily water from compressed air systems; one litre of oil can contaminate thousands of litres of water within a wetland.

Artic Driers’ range of oily water separators make handling waste water from compressed air installations, dryers and filters, simple clean and easy.

Coolers, dryers and filters condense hundreds of litres of oily waste water a month while drying compressed air to a state fit for a modern production facility. The oil content within these condensates is low in comparison to the water volumes, so, extracting the oils to leave clean water behind achieves a significant reduction in the volume of waste that needs to be handled.

The patented Sterling adsorption media used in Artic’s new waste water management system is a major improvement on older products. The media can accept up to 50% higher flow rates and handle shorter contact times with filter bags that are quickly and easily disposed of by a certified waste disposal company.

Sterling is highly effective at removing poly glycol, synthetics and stable emulsions from the waste water stream; the stability of the Sterling media makes selection easy as it works over a wide temperature range. In addition it is 70% lighter, making change outs physically less demanding.

The new pallet sized packs can handle 200 cubic metres/min compressor sets and provide an easy, user friendly solution to waste water management. The bodies of the smaller separators – models 100 to 1500 – are manufactured from re-cycled polypropylene to reduce environmental impact even further.

“Clients can buy with confidence,” says Artic Driers International’s Allen Cockfield.

For more information contact Allen Cockfield, Artic Driers, +27 (0)11 425 3484,,


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