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September 2009 Sensors & Transducers

Fast, accurate, extremely short response times and high switching frequencies are features that position the Leuze HRTL 96B at the forefront of sensors in its class.

This laser light scanner provides optimum protection in applications such as horizontal positioning, overshoot control and safeguarding of machine operation as well as compartment occupation checks.

The robust sensor is well suited to positioning tasks and reliable object detection, and has found favour in warehouse and bulk storage facilities where it is used on high bay storage devices to ensure safe positioning of pallets on shelf racks in automatically operated single, double or multidepth storage systems.

With its excellent detection thresholds, the Leuze HRTL 96B can determine whether a compartment is occupied. The unit works on the principle of pulse propagation time measurement. As a result, other light sources, interfering contours, rounded shelf edges and different surface colours or materials do not pose a problem.

The large detection range, from 50 to 6000 mm, means the sensor can replace the complex, mechanical overshoot controls on the shelves by inspecting the position of the pallet in the shelf compartment and its protrusion during the bring/fetch process. This increases process reliability considerably while reducing the work and costs associated with assembling the steel construction required for overshoot controls.

Measuring just 30 x 90 x 70 mm, the unit can be used in small spaces without sacrificing operational ability. Through configuration, the sensor can be optimally adapted to a given application in a short period of time. The unit features two independent switching points that can be quickly taught via a reference value at the touch of a button.

The impenetrable, robust metal housing allows use in dusty and generally unfriendly environments. Its solid construction also facilitates use at ambient temperatures from -30 to +50°C. The sensor is protected to IP69K.

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