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Ultraminiature convergent-mode sensors

February 2001 Sensors & Transducers

The VS2 series convergent-mode sensors from Banner are self-contained miniature sensors featuring a low profile that enables them to fit and function in confined areas previously accessible only to remote or fibre-optic devices. Despite their tiny size, these self-contained sensors use a visible red sensing beam to provide a powerful 15 or 30 mm range (depending on model) and repeatability of 160 ms with an output response time of 1 ms.

Measuring just 25,1 mm high by 12,0 mm wide by 3,6 mm thick, VS2 sensors are smaller than a postage stamp and not much thicker than a credit card. Inside the tiny housing, the VS2 circuit board uses cutting-edge technology to deliver powerful, precision sensing performance. Designed for sensing inside machinery such as microelectronic handling equipment, vibratory feeds and punch presses, VS2 sensors are high quality, low-cost replacements for cumbersome remote and fibre-optic devices.

Unlike sensors that depend on target-reflected light for sensing repeatability, VS2 sensors are unaffected by varying target colour or reflectivity. The convergent beam's narrow sensing focus enables the sensors to ignore background light sources, eliminating problems created by targets that reflect inconsistent levels of light to the sensor.

Green and yellow LED indicators on the sensor provide constant operating status information. The steady green LED indicates power ON; it flashes to indicate output overload. The steady yellow LED indicates light sensed; it flashes to indicate marginal sensing conditions (low excess gain).

The 10 to 30 V d.c. proximity sensors have a maximum output rating of 50 mA. Models are available for light operate (NO) or dark operate (NC), with a choice of NPN (current sinking) or PNP (current sourcing) outputs. The tough and tiny sensors tolerate vibration, mechanical shock and washdown. Internal circuitry guards against false pulse on power-up, continuous overload and short circuits of outputs. VS2 sensors also provide excellent immunity to RF, ambient light noise and are CE approved.

Constructed of durable black ABS with clear acrylic lenses, VS2 sensors meet IEC IP67 standards and operate in temperatures of -20 to +55°C. They are available with an integral PE-insulated, PVC-jacketed 2 m cable or a 3-pin pigtail pico-style quick disconnect fitting. All models include M2 stainless steel mounting hardware for easy installation.


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