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Self-levelling laser sensors

February 2001 Sensors & Transducers

BAMR (established 1946) have introduced the new world-class range of Levelite self-levelling, one-man lasers for the construction and installation industries. The company also offers a range of accurate, low-cost ultrasonic level and distance measuring meters (with and without laser beams).

Levelite has 25 years of experience in its field, becoming a world-leader in the production of pocket laser tools - with a number of patents to its credit. The sensor products undergo rigorous testing which includes temperature tests ranging from -10 to +70°C as well as a drop test on each of their four corners, before they are passed for dispatch. They are dust, mud and shock-proof and guaranteed for a year.

The devices offer accuracy some six times better than their spirit level (with bubble) counterparts. Results are within 1 arc minute (for up and level) and 7 arc minutes (down). The offset on all multibeams is a uniform 25 mm and the round laser spots allow for easy centering at all distances. One-man operation, automatic self-levelling, automatic out-of-level indication and powerful beams that allow reliable outdoor use make these devices valuable, labour-saving tools.

The Levelite devices claim the distinction of being the first one-man operated self-levelling laser to establish plumb 12 m up, in seconds. (Levelite is now able to achieve 30 m) This means that layouts that have been set out on a floor may now easily be transferred to the ceiling up to 30 m high, taking only seconds per point.

Seven models, with accessories, are available, offering functions that include: plumb (up/down), square (interior and exterior), manual and automatic vertical and horizontal self-levelling, variable speed 360° rotation - from 10 to 800 rpm, for optimum readability. The devices are supplied with appropriate carrying cases and are powered by standard alkaline or NiCad rechargeable batteries.


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