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Self-contained light curtain

December 2000 Sensors & Transducers

The new generation of high performance infrared self-contained light curtains is cost-effective, robust and consists of only a slimline transmitter and a receiver. When one or more of the infrared beams are obstructed, the output is instantly activated resulting in the re-opening of the car doors.

The SG09 light curtain requires a 12-20 V d.c. supply voltage whilst providing a solid-state relay output enabling direct connection to a door operator or lift controller. For installations where only an AC supply is available, a 230 or 115 V a.c. power supply unit may be ordered separately.

The receiver is supplied as standard with two 3 m long cables; one for power and relay output and one for connection to the transmitter. The transmitter has one 3 m long cable for connection to the receiver. The interconnecting cables between the transmitter and receiver are available with 180° DIN plugs for easy installation, or without plugs for direct connection to a screw terminal.

After installation set-up is required. This is achieved by pressing the 'teach in' button located on the front cover of the receiver unit, or by temporarily shorting two wires in the transmitter cable together. This feature ensures that the transmitting power level is adjusted according to the application for each individual beam, thus achieving an optimal excess and hysteresis level. Once adjusted, the system will automatically compensate for moderate contamination, ageing of components and misalignment during operation.

The system is intended for use in either static or dynamic installations. In static installations where the detectors are mounted on car mounted brackets a dense curtain of 79 crossed beams is generated. In dynamic installations where the detectors are mounted on the moving car doors the beam pattern and gain will automatically be adjusted according to the actual range during closing or opening of the doors.

The time out feature will allow up to two non-adjacent channels to be ignored if obstructed for more than 60 seconds. If a timed out light beam resumes operation, the time out function will automatically be cancelled 10 s after re-establishment.

There are three individual monitor LEDs on the front of the receiver unit. A green LED for power indication; a yellow for output and a red status LED.


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