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Expert opposed-mode sensor

March 2020 Sensors & Transducers

The new QS18E offers superior ambient light immunity to prevent unintentional triggering and prevents the sensor from being tricked by ambient light sources, such as a lightbulb, flashlight, or other light-emitting industrial sensors used in the intelligent factory and automated distribution centres. In other words, the receiver will only be triggered by its own emitter.

Another key benefit of the QS18E opposed-mode sensor is crosstalk avoidance provided by optical synchronisation. This means that each sensor can be set to one of three different frequency channels, so that three sensor pairs can be mounted side-by-side with no crosstalk.

Expert Teach and Set methods ensure optimal gain and threshold for all applications, especially for high-speed or partial beam block (low contrast) applications. Configure the receiver using any of six methods to define the sensing limits. Choose from two-point static and dynamic Teach methods, plus Window, Light, Dark and Opaque modes for reliable long-range detection of very dark objects.

IO-Link communication for easy configuration and diagnostics

IO-Link is a point to point communication link between a master device and sensor. Use IO-Link to enable remote input function to configure the senor remotely. There are many advantages of an IO-Link system, including standardised and reduced wiring, increased data availability, remote configuration and monitoring, simple device replacement, and advanced health diagnostics.

The new QS18E opposed-mode sensor allows users to determine how the senor will perform. For example, users can use hysteresis sensitivity, on and off delays, offset percentages from Teach, as well as response speeds. In addition, users can set the sensor to Push Pull, PNP, or NPN so that one sensor can be used for any output type. Furthermore, users can control health thresholds to define when to trigger an alert for cleaning or maintenance or signal when a runtime threshold is reached.


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