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July 2019 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Foxboro has announced the expansion of its Smart pH product family. The enhanced Model 876PH-S transmitter, along with recently released Smart PH10 and PH12Smart pH Sensors, now provide smart pH measurement solutions across a wider array of industries and applications. This new model 876PH-S transmitter has a backlit LCD display and enhanced diagnostics with predictive maintenance capabilities. When connected to either PH10 or PH12 Smart pH sensors, the transmitter can access vital data in the sensors’ non-volatile memory, such as calibration coefficients, date of birth, firmware revision, model code selection, sales order number, serial number, time in service and the sensor history log. The sensor history log is a rich source of data from which the transmitter can deduce the health of the sensor by analysing response time and calibration coefficients such as slope as they have evolved over time. The 876PH-S can predict when a sensor’s slope value is expected to reach a low limit specified by the user and allows maintenance to be scheduled in advance and not performed unless necessary.

Diagnostics and prediction

Diagnostics and prediction functions include:

• View alerts, check sensor, resume alerts and view history.

• Measurement, compensation, and analog output over range and under range.

• Coated reference electrode.

• Ageing glass and broken glass electrode.

• Calibration required.

• Liquid leakage into sensor body.

• Failed preamplifier.

• Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) short and ATC open.

• Sensor response time and sensor service prediction.

The 876PH-S transmitter is capable of predicting the number of days remaining before a Schneider Electric Smart pH sensor will require service in the form of cleaning, recalibration, reconditioning, or replacement. The prediction is based on analysing the trend in slope values stored in the sensor history log each time the sensor is calibrated, taking into account the temperature history of the sensor, and estimating the number of days remaining before the slope drops below a user-selectable predicted slope limit. When the number of days remaining before the predicted slope will fall below the limit is less than a user-settable advance notice period, a Service Soon warning is displayed.

Intrinsically safe design and process integration

The 876PH Transmitter complies with FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx, and NEPSI standards for intrinsic safe and non-incendive apparatus in hazardous area locations. This transmitter provides efficient integration of measurements into HART process control schemes.

It operates by using a bidirectional digital signal superimposed on the 4 – 20 mA current signal. Remote communication of digital

values plus status and configuration information can be achieved via HART communication protocol.

For more information contact Johan van Jaarsveldt, Process Automation Solutions, +27 87 803 9783,,


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