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Capitalise on risks by turning them into opportunities for growth

March 2023 System Integration & Control Systems Design

In spite of the challenges facing the global and local economy, systems integration expert, Iritron remains optimistic for the year ahead, and believes that there are significant opportunities to be found during a challenging economic climate. Iritron’s expertise lies in systems integration, automation, and high level manufacturing execution systems (MES). These systems can make operators, operational managers and C-suite executives aware of any inefficient processes so that they can take appropriate action and steer the operations towards efficiency.

Alwyn Rautenbach.

The question is how do we assist companies to capitalise on risks by turning them into opportunities to capture growth? Iritron CEO, Alwyn Rautenbach believes Iritron can enable customers to operate as effectively and as profitably as possible should the forecasted economic downturn materialise.

“Industries are experiencing challenges and have been transitioning over the past few years. I strongly believe that organisations that have shown maturity in, and see the potential of, investing in industrial automation technologies will show greater resilience and develop the required agility to adapt to different economic climates, as we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies understand that to drive future competitiveness, they need to invest in smart factory or operational transformations,” explains Rautenbach.

He points out that Iritron’s capabilities and expertise are very much centred around identifying inefficiencies and providing improvements for customers. “Iritron has a strong service offering focusing on effective manufacturing operations,” he says. “The continuous improvement cycle requires that companies produce high-quality products and services without waste, with less resource and material input, safely, and in a shorter time; and in 2023, we can enable many customers to achieve this goal.”

He advises customers to be agile and ready should the economy continue contracting as the World Bank predicts. The World Bank recently released its Global Economic Prospects report for 2023, highlighting a sharp downturn in economic growth for developing countries because of elevated inflation, higher interest rates, reduced investment, and geopolitical concerns.

“We should use the bearish market as an opportunity to utilise automation techniques, tools and MES systems, which will lead to improved productivity. I believe that this year businesses will continue to see the value that innovation and the adoption of technology can bring to the bottom line. To enable this, every organisation needs to ensure that it embeds the right technology across its operations – and we at Iritron have the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver and drive our clients to the next level of success,” he concludes.

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