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Portable combustion gas analyser

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The E8500 Plus is a powerful and advanced portable emissions analyser, a complete, portable tool for EPA compliance and level emissions monitoring of boilers, engines and other combustion equipment.

An internal pressure sensor allows the analyser to measure both pressure and stack draught. With two pressure inputs, differential pressure can also be measured, and gas velocity can be measured using the differential pressure and an optional Pitot tube. The sample conditioning unit is mounted directly at the sampling probe exit, where excess moisture rapidly condenses and separates from the gas sample. This minimises contact of the gases with moisture, which could potentially affect NOx and SO2 measurements.

The internal thermoelectric chiller efficiently removes the water vapour from the flue gas sample to prevent combustion gases from bubbling from the gas phase into the condensate. The built-in condensate drain pump automatically pumps the accumulated water out through the bottom of the unit for greater convenience.

Real-time software with data logging

The updated EGAS software package includes the ability to save and graph data in real-time in the field with a laptop, or in a laboratory with a PC. It also allows the user to automatically log data for an exact number of tests for a specified time period. Communications between the E8500 Plus and a computer are established either by wireless Bluetooth communications or a USB cable. Data from the EGAS software can be exported to other spreadsheet programs for more user flexibility to create detailed emission reports.

The E8500 Plus can accommodate a maximum of nine gas sensors: up to six electrochemical type sensors and up to three non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) type sensors, plus an optional photoionisation detector (PID) sensor for measuring volatile organic compounds (VOC). A newly designed user interface incorporates an easily accessible filter compartment for quick and simple inspection and replacement of filters in the field.


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