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Upgraded IoT communications module

May 2021 Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Instrotech has announced the upgraded ARC1 IoT communications module to the latest transmission technology with NB-IoT (narrow band) and LTE-M. Keller was able to adapt the firmware and integrate the hardware (new transmission module) in no time at all, thanks to a modular design.

Earlier, in 2019, mobile communications providers announced that the new NB-IoT and LTE-M standard would be rolled out in late 2019 and be available for energy-saving IoT devices. Based on the fourth generation of mobile communications (4G), this uses the LTE transmission technology and serves as an interesting alternative to other data transmission technology, LoRaWAN for example.

NB-IoT and LTE-M features include:

• Low power consumption (longer lasting battery).

• Higher transmission ranges.

• Lower hardware costs.

• Enough data throughput for IoT applications, or for sending measurement data.

• Can be used around the world with roaming and specific frequencies.

The ARC1 IoT device is used everywhere pressure is measured or water levels need to be recorded. The ongoing digitalisation of cities (digital city) and Industry 4.0 have brought about demand for IoT devices. Thanks to the modular design of the ARC1 remote transmission unit, Keller was able to integrate this technology after only a short development phase.

The first series of the ARC1 devices with NB-IoT and LTE-M transmission are currently being field tested. Test devices can already be delivered to users on request.

The data sent by ARC1 can be accessed at any time, from anywhere in the world, directly in the Kolibri Cloud.


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