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Fluid Systems Africa expands product range

8 June 2020 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Fluid Systems Africa (FSA) has been supplying industry with the highest quality fluid system components for a number of years and is now pleased to announce that it has expanded the product range. This adds value to customers by reducing costly procurement delays and allowing them to now purchase all products from one supplier.

FSA is now the authorised distributor for Universal Analysers, which produces gas sample extraction, transport and conditioning systems for CEM (continuous emissions monitoring) and process measurement. “We can now coordinate the interface between the sample probe, the heated sample line, the sample gas cooler and the balance of conditioning components, so that all required connections are provided in a single package from a single supplier,” explains FSA’s Stuart Harvey. “We can therefore simplify emissions and process gas sample measurements from the extraction point to the analyser. This complete system solution provides benefits such as professional industry expertise in products and applications for 25 years, as well as lowering procurement and order generation costs.

“If you let us know about your project in advance, we will work together to make sure the sample line and sample probe fit together seamlessly. We can all relate to the stress of having something not work the way we expect and this is taken to a whole new level when you must maintain uptime on a CEMS system. When something goes wrong it is never fun bouncing between multiple suppliers trying to diagnose the problem. We are happy to be your one stop shop to debug issues with your sample flow components, probe, sample line and sample conditioning.

“Our product range now includes gas sample coolers, gas sample probes, distillation sample probes, sample conditioning systems including sample conditioning drawers and portable sample systems, as well as oxygen cleaned and capped tubing, monel and electro-polished tubing and sulfinert coated fittings and tubing in coils or lengths.


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