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Yokogawa’s fully automated smart terminals
September 2017, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

The terminal is a storage area where petroleum products are received through cross-country pipeline or ships and stored in tank farms. The distribution is carried out using trucks, rail, pipeline or similar means. Yokogawa has acquired extensive experience over the years and supplied terminal automation solutions to suit varied needs of the customers. Yokogawa offers focused solutions that address customers’ operational issues and improve accounting accuracy, asset, inventory and energy management as well as control, safety systems and information visualisation solutions across geographical dispersed terminals.

Terminal automation system

Terminal Logistic Suite VP (TLSVP) is an advanced software solution that performs the applications of truck, ship and tank car loading/unloading, inventory management, stock management, master data management, security control and audit trail, as well as other operations. Yokogawa’s TLSVP is designed to meet the operational demands of main oil, fuel and chemical distribution terminals applicable to oil terminals, LNG terminals, LPG terminals and petrochemical terminals.

TLSVP manages the complete ordering procedure from assignment of order for loading/transferring to monitoring and control of loading/transferring procedure. The unique nature is its ‘adaption’ to the customer environment, achieved by building system functions using modular blocks, where any individual block could adapt itself to the project-specific requirements.

Yokogawa delivers critical operational infrastructure for process automation where control platforms can be selected to match the diverse needs of users. For example, a relatively small terminal for truck loading would use PLC (FA-M3), while a larger terminal would use either RTU (Stardom) or DCS (Centum VP). Examples of functions that can be automated at a terminal include:

• Traffic control functions.

• Batch and sequence of ship, truck and rail loading.

• Additive control.

• Inline blend control.

• Tank to tank transfer control.

Terminal control strategy could either be manual, semi-automatic or full automatic, together with Batch S88 for which the Centum VP DCS is recommended as it enables automation and control of industrial processes and enhanced business performance. The DCS design and configuration is modular and integrated. It performs basic regulatory control, logic functions, sequence, non-safety related interlocks, process monitoring, and alarm management, trending and reporting. The FCS processor module, power supply, I/O modules, and I/O networks are all dual redundant for high availability. The DCS provides the primary operating environment for the plant, and interfaces with other subsystems, allowing all equipment to be operated and controlled from its operator stations.

ProSafe RS

In industrial plants there is an increased concern about potential incidents that can affect people, assets and the environment in and around the plant. A safety instrumented system (SIS) can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents in the plant. Yokogawa’s SIS for terminal projects is based on its ProSafe RS, which is IEC/TÜV certified. It provides shutdown and protection for all plant safety related operations, extending to process, equipment, personnel and environment. It performs process unit shutdown, equipment protection, sequential startup and programmed shutdown, emergency plant depressurisation, etc. SIS actions are initiated by process input, emergency shutdown button (hardwired), and shutdown/start-up signals from the DCS or other systems.

ProSafe RS is a dual-redundant SIL 3 SIS integrated with the Centum VP DCS on the same Vnet/IP control network, putting an end to control and SIS integration incompatibility. This seamless structure realises true integration while reducing the time and cost to implement process safety. Alarm and events is integrated with the DCS alarm and events message with a realtime (1 ms) event resolution on the Sequence of Events Recorder (SOER) function. The system features dual CPUs and dual circuits built into each card, physically redundant I/O modules and redundant power supply and communication modules. ProSafe-RS is SIL3 certified by TÜV even when used in single configuration. It is a true implementation of the One process, One Network, One Window, One solution concept.

For information visualisation solutions across geographical dispersed terminals into a central location Yokogawa’s (scada) systems/applications combine high-performance, high-availability, broad scalability and platform independence in a manner that maximises ROI while minimising the total cost of ownership over the entire system lifecycle. Originating as the Flexible Advanced System Techniques (FAST) project, FAST/TOOLS today is a comprehensive, fully-integrated scada application suite. Powerful and flexible, it serves installations ranging from 50-point unit processes to multimillion-point offshore production terminals and pipelines that extend over thousands of kilometres.

Yokogawa’s system platforms combined with proven execution experience provide the highest quality and innovative solutions for secure and optimised process automation and management, making it a valued and dependable automation partner.

For more information contact Christie Cronje, Yokogawa South Africa, +27 (0)11 831 6300,,

Supplied By: Yokogawa South Africa
Tel: +27 11 831 6300
Fax: +27 11 86 411 8144
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