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Protecting data centres from lightning and surges
October 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

Data centres rely on the optimal performance of equipment, so unwanted surges on the power supply lines can cripple operations. In fact, these energy spikes can cost significant amounts of money in recovery ...
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Protect productivity during SA’s lightning season
February 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

South Africa’s summer season brings with it the possibility of lightning strikes. The massive voltage fluctuations caused by these can damage sensitive equipment, as well as cause data loss on computers, ...
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Protection for wind turbines
January 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

Wind energy is a clean and renewable form of energy, which is also drought-resistant and almost emission-free. However, as South Africa’s renewable energy industry continues to explore wind energy as ...
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DEHN Africa pays tribute to local partners at annual awards ceremony
September 2017, News

Lightning and surge protection solutions provider, Dehn Africa, has once again acknowledged local distribution partners, recently awarding top associates at its fourth annual African partner awards ...
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Voltage detector enhances safety of electrical installations
September 2017, Electrical Power & Protection

DEHN Africa has introduced the new PHE4 series of voltage detectors to improve safety during maintenance of electrical systems and installations. The detectors provide reliable information in all weather ...
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Lightning protection for thatched roofs
April 2017, Electrical Power & Protection

Thatched roofs are extremely popular in South Africa. Constructed of material such as straw, reed, grass or coconut leaves, a thatched roof is more susceptible to catching alight as a result of a lightning ...
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Protect analog camera systems with DEHNvario surge arrester
December 2016, Electrical Power & Protection

Factors including low cost, compatibility with other components, a wide range of video signals and the protection of existing systems have made certain that analog CCTV cameras are still widely used. A ...
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Sports ground lightning protection
October 2016, Electrical Power & Protection

The damage that can be caused by thunderstorm activity has resulted in greater emphasis being placed on protection measures against lightning strikes on floodlights, spectator galleries, fences or even ...
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Dehn Africa reflects on Africa Utility Week 2016
August 2016, News

Dehn Africa and local partner, Lightning Protection Services (ULPS), participated in the recent 16th annual African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa, held recently at the Cape Town International Convention ...
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Dehn Africa shields wind turbines from lightning and surges
August 2016, Electrical Power & Protection

The general public’s consumption of alternative fuels is growing, including wind energy. Wind farms are fast developing and are created for the purpose of generating large amounts of electric power. However, ...
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Application optimised DEHNshield combined arrestor
July 2016, Electrical Power & Protection

DEHNshield is a space-saving protection solution for buildings, which can be integrated without requiring an additional backup fuse, depending on the breaker size. The lightning impulse is reduced to ...
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In safe hands
May 2016, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

When electrical and mechanical work is undertaken, it is crucial that employers not only carry out a hazard analysis, but also make sure that workers have access to international standard protective equipment, ...
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