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Balluff adds wireless solution to IO-Link portfolio
March 2022, Industrial Computer Hardware, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Balluff’s portfolio expands with its IO-Link Wireless variant for a fast, reliable and flexible solution that guarantees consistent system integration and compatibility.
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Non-Nuclear online slurry density measurement
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2021, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

When a local metal smelting operation had a requirement to remove manual sampling from its slurry line, Allpronix was approached to advise on a solution.
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Allpronix secures Eurotherm agency
May 2017, News

Allpronix has expanded its brand portfolio through acquiring the Eurotherm agency for southern Africa. Allpronix is now the authorised stocking distributor for Eurotherm process control, measurement, ...
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Level solutions
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, Level Measurement & Control

Allpronix has two laser level/distance transmitter models which have been developed in South Africa and manufactured locally.The AL40 has a maximum range of 40 metres while the AL100 has a maximum range ...
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Robust programmable pressure sensor
January 2017, Pressure Measurement & Control

ACS Control Systems has introduced the new robust and programmable 2-wire pressure sensor Precont PU4SE suitable for monitoring relative pressure in gases, vapours, liquids and dusts. This equipment ...
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Lightning detection by StrikeAlert
January 2017, Electrical Power & Protection

StrikeAlert is a convenient, dependable and easy-to-use portable lightning detector designed to provide early warning of approaching lightning strikes, from as far away as 60 kilometres, and inform if ...
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Allpronix provides a simple solution
July 2016, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

An Allpronix customer recently found itself in a predicament where it needed to monitor a flowmeter remotely, but also record the data on site with a paperless recorder. The RTU already installed on ...
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Dual pressure and temperature transmitter for low power systems
March 2016, Editor's Choice, Pressure Measurement & Control

A multi-variable transmitter from American Sensor Technologies provides both pressure and temperature outputs from a single process point. In addition to simplifying control systems, the Model AST46PT ...
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Dip tank level monitoring and control
March 2016, Level Measurement & Control

Allpronix locally develops and manufactures a laser level transmitter in both 40 (AL40) and 100 (AL100) metre ranges. The AL40/100 is programmable via the on board push buttons and blue-backlit LCD display, ...
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Allpronix releases new laser level meter
August 2015, Level Measurement & Control

Allpronix has added a new longer range laser level/distance meter to its portfolio. The AL-100 is a new longer range unit that has a 100 m measuring range that can be displayed as either level or distance. ...
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Ultrasonic level sensor for solids and liquids
August 2015, Level Measurement & Control

Due to the many advantages offered by an ultrasonic level measurement, ACS Control System has developed a new future-oriented range of devices. The product line is divided into the Sonicont USN, a compact ...
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AirMax5X benefits wireless IP surveillance networks
Technews Industry Guide - Wireless 2015, Industrial Wireless

Video surveillance has grown increasingly popular around the word. It has extended from office environments to production environments, from indoor to outdoor, and from local to remote. Due to these changes, ...
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