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Cost effective infrared thermography
April 2006, Temperature Measurement

The Fluke Ti20 thermal imager is intended as a complete solution including InsideIR software for report generation and off camera image manipulation. The instrument represents an investment that will ...
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Using temperature to detect the invisible
March 2006, Temperature Measurement

Both preventive and predictive maintenance programs rely on regular inspections of the critical assets that comprise a plant or facility. These inspections range from visual inspections to non-destructive ...
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1 mm spot infrared thermometer
February 2006, Temperature Measurement

Optris sets a new performance standard on the infrared market, with the release of the Optris LS. This portable infrared thermometer allows reliable non-contact temperature measurements of objects as ...
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Low cost portable vibration monitoring
December 2005, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

The latest cost effective vibration pens are being used more and more as effective inspection tools for quickly locating and reporting high vibration areas. By providing maintenance and process personnel ...
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Thermography training
November 2005, Training & Education

Problems occur when untrained operators of thermographic equipment are making decisions that vitally affect both production and downtime in their respective industries. An untrained user cancels out many ...
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Thermographic maintenance
September 2005, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

This article outlines steps to assist in the growth of a thermographic programme into a key part of the way a company does business
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A safe way to take a temperature
September 2005, Temperature Measurement

Infrared (IR) thermometers are the latest source of portable and fixed temperature measurement devices made available to companies with hazardous plants requiring intrinsically safe equipment. IR thermometers ...
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Infrared temperature sensor requires no cooling
July 2005, Sensors & Transducers

The new Raytek MIH sensor can be installed in environments with ambient temperatures up to 180°C without the need for costly water or air-cooling accessories, making it suitable for continuous temperature ...
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Temperature measurement with infrared sensors
June 2005, Temperature Measurement

Since surface temperature is often a good indicator of how well your equipment or process is running, regular temperature measurement should be an essential element in any industrial process control application. ...
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Two-colour pyrometers for demanding environments
May 2005, Temperature Measurement

In many industries monitoring temperature is a critical part of the manufacturing process. For manufacturers who rely on temperature measurement to control product quality, non-contact infrared thermometers ...
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Infrared temperature measurement in plastic extrusion processes
March 2005, Temperature Measurement

The Thermalert EC100 system from Raytek is an automated surface inspection system for detecting, measuring and classifying defects on products made in extrusion processes
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Handy, long-duty thermal imager
March 2005, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Raytek, a Fluke company and a market leader in non-contact infrared thermometry, designed the ThermoView Ti30 as an affordable, fully radiometric thermal imager that expands the use of thermographic inspections ...
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