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Steierl-Pharma uses smart cameras to modernise its labelling processes
January 2022, Sensors & Transducers

Steierl-Pharma of Herrsching, Germany, relies on the support of Omron automation experts for state-of-the-art labelling technology. By using a new labelling system with smart camera technology, the company ...
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Omron’s Sysmac Studio 3D Simulation Integrated Development Environment boosts productivity
January 2022, Motion Control & Drives

Logic, motion, robotics, HMI, vision, sensing, safety and 3D simulation are all integrated within a single platform.
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Omron launches new laser sensor
November 2021, Sensors & Transducers

New sensing technology detects difficult targets and reduces the need for complex installation design.
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Get full value from factory floor data with data sciences
October 2021, IT in Manufacturing

Valuable information needs to be extracted from the data and presented to the right audience, at the right time and in the right way.
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Omron joins The Valuable 500
September 2021, News

The Valuable 500 aims to get leaders of multinational companies to bring about changes in business, society and the economy so that persons with disabilities can realise their true potential.
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Robotics and the potential to realise the lights-out factory dream
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2021, System Integration & Control Systems Design

The phrase ‘lights-out factory’ is generally presented as something for manufacturers to aspire to. But is the concept, which essentially means manufacturing without humans, a realistic goal?
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The benefits of mobile robots and cobots
July 2021, Motion Control & Drives

Easily configurable production lines will in future consist of collaborative and flexible transport and transfer solutions, tailored to specific production environments.
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Controller for robotic systems
June 2021, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Omron has announced the launch of its first ‘Robotic Integrated Controller’, based on its leading NJ series of machine controllers for industrial automation.
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Robot streamlines food delivery
March 2021, Motion Control & Drives

The robot was taking part in a month-long ‘Home on Demand’ automated courier service trial, testing the potential for using autonomous robots for deliveries to urban homes.
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Omron’s 3D simulation development environment
May 2021, IT in Manufacturing

Logic, motion, robotics, HMI, vision, sensing, safety and 3D simulation are all integrated within a single platform.
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Sustainability in practice at Omron
January 2021, System Integration & Control Systems Design

Today, sustainability is no longer a niche topic, but something that companies are integrating into their business strategies on a daily basis. Not only are sustainability practices necessary to answer ...
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Omron launches HD-1500 mobile robot
November 2020, Motion Control & Drives

Industry-leading HD-1500 expands the possibilities for autonomous material transport.
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