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PACTware further refines user interface
May 2022, IT in Manufacturing

Optimising a user interface for multiple sensor equipment manufacturers is possible in such a way that industrial users can use it similarly to everyday smart devices.
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How’s our plant doing today?
April 2022, IT in Manufacturing

Three VEGA initiatives for secure and flexible process automation lead straight to Industry 4.0.
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Radar level sensores
March 2022, Level Measurement & Control

The VEGAPULS 6X offers advanced features such as a self-diagnosis system that immediately detects damage or interference, to ensure significantly higher availability and safety.
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Radar instruments in mining
January 2022, Level Measurement & Control

VEGA radar measuring instruments hold their own in the difficult environments of gold and platinum mining.
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Radar transmitter ensures efficiency at Australian mine
October 2021, Level Measurement & Control

To eliminate supply bottlenecks at an Australian iron ore mine, the processes were better coordinated with VEGAPULS 69 playing an important role.
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Clean and colourful
September 2021, Pressure Measurement & Control

VEGA has completed its measurement technology portfolio for hygiene-sensitive processes with two new compact instrument series comprising pressure sensors and level switches.
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Level switches master viscous substances
July 2021, Level Measurement & Control

VEGA has developed the new front-flush level switch, Vegapoint 24, especially for use with sticky, viscous or abrasive products.
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Level sensors shorten the distance from the field to supermarket shelves
August 2021, Level Measurement & Control

VEGAPULS C 11 ensures fast processing of carrots and onions with reliable measured values.
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Radar is the better ultrasonic
February 2021, Level Measurement & Control

Radar signals are not significantly influenced by changing ambient conditions, which makes them highly reliable and extremely accurate.
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Top-quality drinking water through ozone treatment
January 2021, Pressure Measurement & Control

Vega’s pressure transducers make an important contribution to the continuous processing of top-quality drinking water.
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Measuring in the dust cloud
October 2020, Level Measurement & Control

Radar level measuring instrument with 80 GHz finds its way in extreme environments.
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Ceramic and metallic measuring cells optimise additive production at BASF
September 2020, Pressure Measurement & Control

The combination of a ceramic Certec and a metallic Metec measuring cell proved to be the perfect combination from VEGA.
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