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VEGA handles the pressures of water treatment systems
February 2024, Pressure Measurement & Control

A water treatment system for a major metropolitan area in the Midwestern United States demands careful monitoring and management of processes across its sprawling network. Choosing VEGA for its process automation needs meant more than just obtaining precise and reliable pressure sensors.
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Greener mining through water management strategies
I&C July 2024, Pressure Measurement & Control

Water scarcity is a pressing concern in South Africa, leading to the establishment of stricter regulations on water discharge and management. To promote greener mining operations that minimise environmental impact and optimise resource utilisation, responsible dewatering practices are essential.
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A new approach to milk processing
I&C July 2024, Pressure Measurement & Control

Ensuring the quality and safety of milk throughout the production process is of the utmost importance in the dairy industry. Process instrumentation plays a vital role in this stage by providing accurate measurements of level, pressure and point level to guarantee optimal storage conditions.
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Smart solutions for tabletting
June 2024, Level Measurement & Control

The manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is considered to be one of the most challenging production environments. Pharmaceutical manufacturers across the globe have opted for VEGA sensors in their production facilities.
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Enhancing beer brewing precision
May 2024, Pressure Measurement & Control

Brewing beer is a complex process that requires utmost precision in every step. To ensure precision, it is crucial to measure and control the pressure and point levels in the wort kettle and hops dissolver. Using VEGA instrumentation can offer numerous benefits to breweries.
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Superhero vision for hazardous waste environmental control
May 2024, Level Measurement & Control

VEGA understands that in the world of hazardous waste management, ensuring both safety and efficiency is crucial. With the disposal of chemicals requiring conscientious attention to ethical and ecological standards, innovative solutions are mandatory. Among these solutions, non-contact level sensors emerge as a game changer, offering increased safety in environments laden with dangerous substances.
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Copper mining powered by VEGA
May 2024, Level Measurement & Control

VEGA sensors are an integral part of the continuous monitoring and control systems across the board in mining and beneficiation processes. The robustness, reliability and precision of VEGA instruments make them a good choice for managing liquid levels and ensuring the smooth operation of the production process.
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VEGA takes the pressure out of water pressure measurement
April 2024, Editor's Choice

Water treatment systems in metropolitan areas require careful monitoring and management processes across widespread networks. However, process plants choosing VEGA for their process automation know that the company offers more than just precise and reliable pressure sensors and instrumentation.
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Sensor technology for cartonboard machine for paper and packaging
March 2024, Pressure Measurement & Control

Paper and packaging specialist, LEIPA undertook a comprehensive modernisation project, combining three stock preparation lines into one, and making investments in new plant components and extensive automation technology. Because of the good experiences the company had already had with VEGA sensors, those responsible for planning and maintenance decided in favour of the VEGABAR 82 pressure transmitter as the standard instrument for level and pressure measurement in the new stock preparation system.
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Level measurement under extreme plant processing conditions
January 2024, Level Measurement & Control

Level measurement in LNG and LPG processes is about answering the simple question: “How much product is in the tank?” However, obtaining an exact value is not easy. The products are often under pressure, cryogenic, and highly explosive. Sensors from Vega have been operating successfully in all stages of the LNG/LPG process for many years.
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Process measurement solution for Copper Belt’s Kansanshi Mine
November 2023, Pressure Measurement & Control

Kansanshi Mine faced measurement challenges in its gland water tanks, slurry, and raw materials in the stockpiles and crusher bins. VEGA was able to offer a suitable solution to resolve these challenges.
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Pressure and level switches for food production
October 2023, Pressure Measurement & Control

New compact measuring instruments from VEGA prove that automation in food production can be very simple and economical without compromising on hygiene or safety.
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