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Optimising buildings for low-occupancy
June 2021, News

For building managers, facilities managers, owners and operators, having buildings at low or zero occupancy for extended periods of time, means a significant change in operating requirements and a need to adjust building systems accordingly.
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Schneider Electric extends UPS range
April 2021, Electrical Power & Protection

Schneider Electric has announced the extension of Easy UPS 3L from 250 kVA to 600 kVA (400 V) with the addition of 250, 300, and 400 kVA UPSes for external batteries.
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Schneider Electric redefines power distribution through digitalisation
March 2021, Electrical Power & Protection

Introducing MasterPact MTZ next generation low-voltage breaker with embedded Class 1 metering to save time and energy.
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Schneider Electric provides digital technologies to the mining industry
November 2020, IT in Manufacturing

“The organisation has invested significantly to develop a specialised competence in mining applications,” explains Marc Ramsay, vice president industry business unit at Schneider Electric South Africa. ...
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Digital transformation is key to energy efficiency across sub-Saharan Africa
November 2020, News

The findings of the Global Digital Transformation Benefits Report, which was initially released in 2019, were validated by Schneider Electric’s customers in the Middle East and Africa throughout 2020.
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New Modicon IIoT-ready controller
September 2020, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

The Modicon M262 is IIoT-ready, designed and delivered with intuitive direct cloud connectivity and no gateways are required for OEMs to design solutions for performance demanding applications.
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Utility made easy
April 2020, Electrical Power & Protection

In recognition of the growing demand for reliable power provision, Schneider Electric strives to assist network operators to deliver electricity safely and efficiently. The company’s Advanced Distribution ...
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Game-changing electrical accessories
April 2020, Electrical Power & Protection

In a world where products are moving from standardised to customised, today’s consumers want high quality products that meet their specific requirements. Electrical accessories are no exception and Schneider ...
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Schneider Electric introduces Asset Advisor for critical assets
Technews Industry Guide: Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2020, IT in Manufacturing

Schneider Electric has announced the availability of EcoStruxure Asset Advisor for electrical distribution and critical data centre assets, as part of the company’s EcoStruxure IoT-enabled system architecture ...
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Bringing critical power distribution infrastructure out of the dark
March 2020, Electrical Power & Protection

As the trend towards digitisation becomes pervasive across many industries and operations, the benefits offered to power distribution systems should not be overlooked. However, due to the ageing infrastructure ...
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Blockchain technology in the food and beverage industry
December 2019, IT in Manufacturing

Advances in blockchain technology could enable the food and beverage industry (F&B) to enhance traceability. In the US alone, food recalls and food-borne illnesses cost some $77 billion per annum, including ...
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Smart cities embrace 4IR
January 2020, News

Smart cities rely on smart grid technology that includes traditional and renewable energy sources in its mix of power supply. Driven by the advanced technology of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), ...
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