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A robust cybersecurity strategy is critical
May 2022, IT in Manufacturing

Understanding and managing the risks associated with a cyberattack can seem a daunting prospect in the face of keeping a plant up and running.
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Why a commercial UPS should never be used in an industrial application
January 2022, Electrical Power & Protection

In applications with harsh environments, an industrial UPS should be the automatic choice due to higher safety levels, less risk of expensive downtime due to power failures, a longer lifespan and reduced servicing costs.
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ABB robotics offers a taste of the future
January 2022, Motion Control & Drives

Food and beverage manufacturers increasingly need more flexibility on their production lines to enable them to adapt to changing consumer tastes and demands.
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ABB moves toward zero-carbon mines
November 2021, System Integration & Control Systems Design

ABB has launched ABB Ability eMine, a portfolio of solutions that will help accelerate the move toward a zero-carbon mine.
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ABB and Stäubli to develop solutions for electric mines
October 2021, News

Global industrial electrical connectors providers Stäubli and ABB to explore technologies to support the decarbonisation of mining operations.
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ABB opens Digital Solutions Centre in Johannesburg
October 2021, News

ABB recently unveiled its new South African Digital Solutions Centre, which aims to help companies overcome their most pressing technology and digitalisation challenges.
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Female talent switches on to engineering careers with ABB
September 2021, News

ABB’s Sustainability Strategy incorporates driving social progress, equality and diversity to create safe, fair and inclusive working environments and support community building.
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ABB launches new MCB range
July 2021, Electrical Power & Protection

The circuit breaker industry sees the local launch of a high-quality product as ABB Electrification introduces its new range of 3 kA SR200T miniature circuit breakers.
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ABB technology can help make SA steel industry competitive
August 2021, IT in Manufacturing

South Africa’s steel industry needs to invest in technology like automation and data analytics if it is to improve its productivity to the point where it is globally competitive.
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Cable, components and critical space exploration
February 2021, News

ABB provides Ty-Rap cable ties for NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover mission.
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ABB sensor onboard SpaceX rocket to detect greenhouse gas emissions
February 2021, News

An optical sensor manufactured by ABB was deployed with the successful launch of satellite Hugo from GHGSat, the emerging leader in greenhouse gas sensing services in space.
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ABB urges adoption of high-efficiency motors to combat climate change
April 2021, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring, Electrical Power & Protection

Global electricity consumption could be reduced by 10%.
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