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Versatile motor drives

April 2000 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

The range of Omron motion control products from Yelland span from simple micro drives through high-performance flux vector inverters to servo and positioning modules in one unit. These are linked with a host of control methodology and operator interfaces to suit a diverse range of requirements.

All Omron products are manufactured to high standards ensuring quality and reliability. Some of the applications that can make effective use of Omron inverters include fans, pumps, conveyors, mixers, hoists and tension control. The 3G3 range of inverters can handle applications requiring maximum power ratings from 1,5 to 300 kW.

The inverter drives offer the following benefits:

*Higher productivity.

*Improved control.

*Reduced downtime.

*Improved quality.

*Energy saving.

*Lower costs.

*Reduced acoustic noise.

*Application assistance.

*National back-up and support.

*Full range of spares.

The 3G3FV is a new, special-purpose inverter that is intended to harmonise performance, versatility and simplicity. Its vector control system allows 150% torque from a standstill (closed loop) and 100% torque at 1 Hz (open loop). Parameter names and settings are easily adjusted with the 'conversational-type' interface has an easy to read two-line LCD display.

DC-like performance (or even better) can now be achieved with a standard induction motor. It is the flux vector algorithm that permits the 150% torque at 0 Hz. This allows best performance in difficult applications such as elevators, extruders and cranes.

The inverter has a torque limiting function to facilitate use in applications where an encoder is not included, but a high starting torque is required, (open flux vector operation).

The inverter has a ± 0,2% speed control accuracy, without the PG, and ±0,02% with the PG. This ensures high precision performance with no influence from load changes.

There are four control modes:

* V/f.

* V/f with PG.

* Sensorless flux vector.

* Full flux vector.

Other functions included are PID control, droop control, torque limit, position lock (zero-servo) and there is a built-in RS232C. The paremeter settings make it possible to us the 3G3FV like as a servo drive or a simple multimode drive in a wide range of applications.


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