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July 2011 Electrical Power & Protection

Omnergy: a new solution for utilities management as a web-enabled service.

Omniflex has developed technology to allow remote metering, aggregation and analysis of ‘WAGES’ (water, air, gas, electricity and steam) and integrated this into an easy to use package called Omnergy.

Omnergy is a web enabled service that integrates through Omniflex remote data access gateway products with existing metering infrastructure to create a user friendly management tool for energy management and control. The result is that consumption patterns and cost information can be delivered across the enterprise allowing the reduction of energy consumption and an increase in profitability and sustainability. The system works in conjunction with existing metering infrastructure to provide:

* Utilities usage visualisation and control.

* Usage targeting and real-time alerts.

* Billing options, interface to accounting systems.

* Off-site secure historical data storage.

* No in-house computer infrastructure required.

Trend screens – unlimited number of trends

* Up to six data items on a single trend graph.

* Interactive visual zooming allows focus on a particular piece of data at a particular point in time.

User dashboard – live usage information anywhere

* View consumption from any web browser.

* Gives users a real-time view of energy usage allowing instant savings.

* Clear performance indicators promote active energy consumption.

Real-time alarms – advance notification of target breaches in advance

* Usage logged every 30 minutes.

* Daily consumption logged.

* Monthly consumption target projected.

* Alerts sent by SMS or e-mail.

Reporting services

* E-mail reports automatically.

* Report on usage against target.

* Compare usage to prior periods.

* Report and track losses per group.

* Collate statistical data for mandatory reports.


* Energy balance.

* Off-site administration.

* SaaS (Software as a Service).

* Live consumer access.

* Fully automated meter reading

* Immediate cost saving.

For more information contact Ian Loudon, Omniflex, +27 (0)31 207 7466, sales@omniflex.com, www.omniflex.com


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