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Electrical safety in hospitals

September 2006 Electrical Power & Protection

The use of an IT (unearthed) system is the backbone of a reliable power supply in medical locations. Contrary to a TN (earthed) system, there is no conductive connection between active conductors and the protective earthing conductor within the IT system.

Thus four essential demands are met:

* When a first insulation fault occurs, the power supply is not interrupted by the tripping of a protective device.

* Medical electrical equipment continues to function.

* Fault currents are reduced to a non-critical level.

* Operating theatres continue to function because power failure is averted.

Bender systems have provided the answer for reliable and cost effective electrical safety solutions for healthcare facilities for over 60 years. Hospitals around the world rely on the company's products and the technical support of its engineers, where safety of patients and the critical performance of medical equipment is at stake.

The medical IT system consists of an isolating transformer, a monitoring device to monitor insulation resistance, transformer load and temperature, and a remote alarm indicator and test combination. The system is installed in the operating theatre or at a manned nursing station nearby.

The insulation monitoring device is a vital unit to ensure the availability of the IT system. Connected between system and earth, it continuously monitors the insulation resistance. The integrated AMP measuring principle allows insulation faults with DC components to be precisely recorded and indicated.

Many national and international standards regard the use of the IT system as essential to a safe power supply in medical locations. The Bender units comply with both the German DIN VDE 0100-710 standards and the South African SABS 051 standards.

Bender products are available in southern Africa from Anglo Allied Engineering.

For more information contact Wiebe Visser or Hilda Bouwer, Anglo Allied Engineering, +27 (0) 11 766 1180, info@angloallied.co.za


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