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Seamless integrated connectivity for electric automation from Festo

April 2020 Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

The cloud is everywhere. We save data on the cloud and access it on our phones and computers from anywhere at our convenience. The same applies to seamless connectivity in industrial automation from your components to the cloud. This is why Festo considers your complete automation architecture from the mechanical system to the actuators, motors and servo drives, as well as the motion controllers, right up to modern industrial cloud solutions.

As more industrial automation companies undergo digital transformation, Festo has developed technology to connect hardware such as the Servo Drive CMMT-AS, Servo Motor EMMT-AS and software such as Dashboards to the cloud seamlessly. This is achieved by using the IoT Gateway CPX-IOT as a medium. These electric automation solutions simplify machine operations in industrial automation. System planners and design engineers can now fully rely on Festo to achieve integrated automation, with digitalised machines from components to the cloud.

Mechanical connectivity

Handling systems from Festo are not just compact and cost-effective; they also provide an optimal installation and working space ratio to enable the best use of space in assembly systems. For example, the Spindle Axis ELGC-BS and Toothed Belt Axis ELGC-TB are ideal for compact dimensions and optimum installation space. These mechanical axes do not require adaptors and are thus easy to assemble into compact handling systems based on the ‘one-size-down’ concept. They provide the best use of space as part of assembly systems, test and inspection systems, in small parts handling, the electronics industry or desktop applications. The benefits extend to the precise carrying of heavy loads, a wide range of mounting options for maximum machine integration and protection of internal guides, keeping external influences out.

Electrical connectivity

The Festo range of electric automation servo motors and servo drives is the ideal link between your mechanical system and your control technology. They are always optimally coordinated, easily configured and quickly commissioned with Festo software. For example, the Servo Drive CMMT-AS and Servo Motor EMMT-AS enable comprehensive connectivity in hardware and software. The users can commission the entire drive system consisting of the servo drive, motor and mechanical system in a few minutes. With the high-performance CMMT-AS and extremely economically friendly CMMT-ST on one platform, the benefits are endless. These servos are ideal for the CPX-E or controllers from third party suppliers. Lastly, the design and connections are optimised for control cabinets.

Intelligent connectivity

The free, flexible communication and the direct, complete integration of Festo servo drives into higher-level control concepts enables a wide range of solutions for industrial automation tasks. These tasks are supported by innovative software solutions for engineering and configuration.

With the CPX-IoT gateway as an interface between the automation platform (mechanical and electric hardware) and the cloud, machines, plant builders and operators can benefit from Industry 4.0. The CPX-IOT collects information and data on Festo devices such as the Servo Drive CMMT-AS and Servo Motor EMMT-AS and records their statuses through an Ethernet-based interface and a standardised communication protocol such as OPC UA. It then sends the information to the cloud through the second Ethernet connection using IoT protocols.

The preconfigured dashboard visualises the suitable information and spares users tiresome programming work. While these tasks take place, there are IT security mechanisms in place to ensure data security and protection in the process. The benefits of the CPX-IOT further include easy and convenient access to data on Festo machines, monitoring of data to improve efficiency and real-time analysis.

Monitoring conditions with Festo Dashboards

With Festo Dashboards, Festo is driving digitalisation forward and supporting its customers to enter the digital age. The IoT gateway CPX-IOT makes it possible to have preconfigured dashboards for each Festo component with additional customisation. The dashboard is viewed in the Web browser and includes diagrams and traffic lights. Specific widgets, graphs for energy monitoring and preventive maintenance, as well as key performance indicators for the process and the improvement of equipment effectiveness, provide clarity for the user. The condition monitoring solution improves error diagnostics and fault identification, creates transparency regarding energy consumption, delivers clear information in graphical format and offers historical data. This ensures intelligent connectivity and flexible communication on all components.

As the industry focus rapidly shifts to electronics and new technology, Festo aims to better its customers’ working lives with its featured electric automation solutions, as well as other products such as the Decentralised Remote I/O System CPX-AP-I, Simplified Motion Series and Motor Controller CMMB-AS for Servo Motor EMMB-AS. Furthermore, the company is closing the loop by integrating its products, software from the Festo App World and Didactic training courses with seamless connectivity to ensure quality services.

For more information contact Festo South Africa, 08600 FESTO (33786),,


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