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SHEQ document reporting in real-time

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While the manual compilation of a Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) documentation report can take up to 20 man hours, Passport 360 can potentially slash this to an astonishing three minutes.

This is thanks to the system’s built-in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which allows for custom documentation to be compiled fast. “It provides for a greater level of real-time intelligence and insight into SHEQ,” comments Passport 360 director and co-founder, Siobahn Whitehead.

In addition, the dashboard view feature consolidates all contractor SHEQ documentation into a high-level dashboard for real-time access of all data, which can then easily be managed and interpreted accordingly. This is an ungainly process in the case of paper-based systems because these are very difficult to audit and monitor in real-time.

Without consistent monitoring and review, SHEQ information quickly becomes outdated, thereby ramping up the risk considerably. Digitising these records and then applying Passport 360’s built-in RPA allows mining operations, for example, to better pursue the industry’s ultimate goal of zero harm.

“This also has significant implications for clients in terms of transparency and security,” highlights Whitehead, “as the Passport 360 platform allows contractors to access client systems and information without any holdups through internal bureaucracy.”

Passport 360 is well equipped to partner with mining and resource companies in order to on-board their contractors quickly and efficiently, thereby ensuring that they can be up and running in hardly any time at all.

“Our smart technology has a range of significant benefits for our mining clients, from real-time SHEQ monitoring and reporting to advanced on-boarding features,” concludes Whitehead. “It allows us to provide our mining clients with a complete solution that slashes their risk, allowing them to focus on the profitability of their core business.”

For more information contact Siobahn Whitehead, Passport 360, +27 10 045 3679,,

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