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IO-Link master for Industrie 4.0
March 2018, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

With its new EP0L001 IO-Link master, Wenglor offers an ideal, multiprotocol module for consistent communication right up to field level. Eight IO-Link compatible sensors and actuators in accordance with IO-Link standards can be incorporated into the control level via industrial Ethernet with this innovative product.

In the context of fully networked Industrie 4.0 production and logistics centres, as well as smart machines and process optimisation by means of predictive maintenance, the new IO-Link master is the ideal interface between the controller and intelligent devices. Particularly for the new generation of photoelectronic sensors included in the PNG/smart series with high communication, high-performance sensors, it’s the perfect connection module for linking up to higher network levels. Participants exchange real-time data about system status during the running process which can be dynamically adjusted to changing operating conditions. This allows continuous process optimisation, assures production quality and avoids system downtime.

Eight configurable ports

The eight IO-Link compatible, freely configurable M12 ports offer the greatest possible flexibility where module allocation is concerned, and reduces the costs of each channel to a minimum. Four of the ports are laid out as class B variants to enable increased load current availability, as frequently required by actuators. Even powerful actuators are not left in the lurch due to continuous load current of up to 2 A per class B port (total: 8 A). Supply power to all components is assured by the new L-coded M12 plugs that also provide for connection of additional field modules.

In the event that a terminal device should fail, electrical isolation ensures that module communication is not interrupted and disturbances are quickly eliminated. A total of 12 digital inputs, eight outputs or configuration by means of eight IO-Link compatible ports offer connection diversity and efficient use of the master.

A further advantage is its ability to communicate with the Profinet and EtherNet/IP protocols. These can be selected at the master with the rotary encoder switch, making additional devices superfluous. The two switch ports permit connection via line or ring topology. Depending on the utilised protocol, the IO-Link master fulfils functions such as fast start-up, shared device and device level ring, and supports the media redundancy protocol.

The extremely rugged and compact zinc die cast housing is ideal for harsh industrial conditions due to IP65/IP67/IP69K protection. Whether under hot or cold ambient conditions, the device link master works reliably at temperatures between -20 to 70°C. Its minimal weight of just 500 g also allows for moving applications or mounting directly to machines. A range of suitable connection components can also be supplied.

For more information contact Anastas Schnippenkotter, ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation, +27 (0)11 708 9200,,

Supplied By: ASSTech Process Electronics + Instrumentation
Tel: +27 11 708 9200
Fax: +27 11 708 9219
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