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August 2017 Motion Control & Drives

With the market demanding more compact devices, LS has introduced the new M100, which replaces the long-serving and robust iC5 range.

The all new LSLV-M100 more than adequately fulfils this need as it has some features not seen in the iC5, such as an easy to connect RJ45 port which supports the high-level SV-iS7 remote keypad. This is useful for programming and storing the settings of the drive for future use. This port can also connect the M100 to LSIS’s DriveView7 software for setup purposes which is available at no extra charge. Control from a HMI or PAC/PLC are easily achieved with the built-in Modbus port.

The M100 also supports 5 multi-function inputs, 2 voltage or current analog inputs, 1 analog output and 3 relay outputs. Added to this is PID for accurate operation using analog transducers, flowmeters or temperature control.

LSIS’s reputation of being robust under severe conditions, by being able to operate in harsh conditions, is reflected in the M100’s ability to operate at ambient temperatures of up to 50ºC at 95% humidity without condensation. Added to this, the drive is able to withstand continuous 1G vibration.

Nowadays, size counts and the M100 is smaller than its predecessor, with side by side installation clearance being reduced from 50 to 2 mm. The M100 can also conveniently be din-rail mounted and a built-in EMC filter assists in producing a system that is interference free, in compliance to international standards.

The display and tactile buttons follow the theme of the now well-known LS S100 3ph range with easy to operate function keys and clear red LED parameter display. This is complemented with a rotary knob for localised frequency control.

As a whole, the new M100 is a good looking and well thought out drive to suit the demands of duty and power saving and supplied in a frame that does not dominate the installation.

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